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Why You Should Work Out with Your Significant Other

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you may be wondering how you can show your sweetheart some extra love this month. While flowers and chocolates are good one-time gifts, the best gifts are the ones that keep giving. That’s why we think spending some quality time crushing your fitness goals together is a great way to share the love! If you’re not sold on the idea just yet, then keep reading for a few reasons to give partner workouts a try!

Greater Accountability and Support

Anyone working on their fitness goals has felt the real and inevitable temptation to skip a day of exercise. If you have a partner who gets up and gets ready to go with you, you may be less likely to give in to your temptation. Working out together provides accountability, so even when the gym is the last place you or your partner wants to be, you can encourage each other to go get a sweat on. Plus, there’s no greater feeling than knowing you have someone’s full support. When you show up and cheer each other on while you’re punching it out, it’s hard not to feel the love.

Stronger Emotional Bonding

Doing things together helps increase your emotional bond. When you jump rope alongside your partner or create a little friendly competition as you punch it out together, it helps create nonverbal mimicry. Mimicry is roughly defined as doing the same thing another person is doing, and it can be used to deepen the emotional bond with your partner. According to a study published in The British Journal of Psychology, mimicry was found to enhance the interpersonal closeness within different relationships. This means that working out with your partner has the ability to help you grow closer together and feel more connected.

Pre-Scheduled Quality Time

As life gets busier, it becomes harder to spend more time with your sweetie. Planning gym sessions throughout the week can make you feel like you’re missing out on spending time with your partner. But when you start scheduling workouts together, no one needs to feel guilty for leaving the house! Working out with your significant other is a great way to spend quality time together while crushing your fitness goals. 9Round workouts only take 30 minutes, so you and your partner can both get a Killer Workout without spending hours at the gym. Plus, it’s always more fun to punch it out with a sidekick!

Killer Mood-Boosting Benefits

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, “scientists have found that regular participation in aerobic exercise has been shown to decrease overall levels of tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep, and improve self-esteem.” Those are some killer mood benefits that you and your partner could both be getting if you work out together! 9Round combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise, plus resistance training, to give you everything in one 30-minute session. So, when you and your partner are having a stressful week, you can come punch and kick away the negative energy and experience some powerful mood-boosting benefits.

After reading about all of these amazing benefits, we hope you’re ready to give partner workouts a try! If you and your sweetheart want to bring fitness into your relationship, you can both sign up to try a 9Round for free using the link below!

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