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COVID-19 NOTICE: As of March 22, only members with non-frozen, active memberships may access the Daily Workouts in the Member Portal. Each 9Round is handling payment for this differently, since they are all individually owned and locally operated.

You can support your local 9Round directly by being willing to pay the membership price your location has dictated to have access to the online Daily Workouts. Please understand, this income can mean the difference between your 9Round location going out of business during this pandemic or being able to reopen once it lifts.

For exact information on how you can continue to get access to the workouts in your 9Round Member Portal, please email your local club. To do this, go to www.9round.ca and click on the Find Gym tab and then, once you select your location, select the Email Club button to send them an email.

Thank you so much for your support during this challenging time.

* If you have any questions regarding your current membership or a cancellation request, you MUST contact the club you are a member of. This message center is not able to process such requests. Thank you.