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Why Kickboxing Should Be Part of Your Fitness Training

Progress doesn’t happen overnight, which is why many people follow a strict training regime in order to reach their fitness goals. There are a lot of options for what you can do during your fitness training but finding the exercises that appeal most to you can be difficult. A favorite method among many– especially those of us at 9Round – is kickboxing. This popular sport offers a ton of killer benefits for fitness training, so keep reading if you’re curious to learn what kickboxing can do for you.


Efficient Full-Body Results

Kickboxing is demanding on your entire body. It might seem like your arms and legs do all the work, but you are actually using almost every muscle in your body to punch and kick the bag. For example, as your arm moves for a punch, you maintain your balance by squeezing your core tight and relying on your leg muscles for stability. When you go to kick the bag, your arms should be elevated in front of your face for protection (as part of the fighter stance) and your core should be tight again to help maintain your balance. These full-body results are what make kickboxing such an attractive training method for many people, as it prevents you from spending hours in the gym working separately on different body parts.


Interesting Workouts That Are Never Boring

Without a fun and unique workout, people tend to give up on their fitness goals because they lack the enthusiasm it takes to keep going. Luckily, kickboxing is the perfect solution for those who are easily bored with traditional workouts, such as running or lifting weights. I mean, who doesn’t like to punch and kick things from time to time? Kickboxing-themed workouts incorporate punching, kicking, jumping rope, and circuit training into a single fitness routine. Thanks to this variety of moves, you can create endless combinations of exercises for your weekly training sessions, so you’ll always have a new, exciting workout to try.


Fun and Effective Stress Relief

Speaking of how fun it is to punch and kick things, did you know that kickboxing is a great workout for stress relief? Effective stress relief can help you live a happier, healthier, and more productive life. Kickboxing is an excellent method for managing stress while also getting a killer workout, so you can knock out two things at once. Plus, it can also help you get mentally focused while training when your mind is all over the place, as kickboxing typically requires a high level of discipline. 


Heart-Healthy Training

Cardio is an important part of anyone’s fitness training, as you need to build up your stamina and endurance to make it through a tough workout without sacrificing performance. Kickboxing combines cardio and strength training very effectively, as it only takes a few minutes of punching and kicking a bag to rev up your heart rate. All major health organizations, such as ACE Fitness and the American Heart Association, recommend regular cardiovascular exercise, as it can help lower your risk of certain health disorders, like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Most sources recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise per week. Completing three of our high-intensity, 30-minute kickboxing workouts per week is more than enough to satisfy this requirement.


Improved Coordination

With kickboxing, you must remain light on your feet and able to change your position at any given moment. If you’re actually competing for sport, this is critical for hitting your target and dodging incoming attacks without a second thought. At 9Round, you won’t be fighting other people, but you will be skillfully striking the bag with different kickboxing combinations that are designed to test your coordination. You’ll use both your hands and feet for various moves, and you’ll also be challenged to use your right and left-hand stance to work on your ambidexterity. Eventually, after some practice, your movements become more fluid, and you can complete each combination with precision.


By now, we’re sure you can see why kickboxing is the secret weapon you’ve been looking for to take your fitness training to the next level. 9Round is the perfect option for people with busy schedules because our workouts are only 30 minutes long. Try our killer workouts for free using the link below and see why kickboxing is soon to be your favorite part of your weekly training!

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