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What Are Compound Exercises?

Compound exercises are a key ingredient in any fitness routine. Unlike isolation exercises, which help you target an individual joint and muscle group, compound exercises focus on functional, multi-joint movements that work several muscle groups at the same time. Think exercises like squats and push-ups. These types of exercises provide a ton of benefits when you incorporate them into your workouts, so keep reading to learn more about compound exercises and how we use them to help you crush your fitness goals at 9Round.


Benefits of Compound Exercises

Because compound exercises engage more than one muscle group, your body will have to expend more energy to complete each move. This helps you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time, making it easy to streamline your workouts. We incorporate a wide variety of compound exercises in our Daily 9Round Workouts because they help you maximize your time at the studio or at home.

For instance, when you perform kicks during your workout, you target both upper and lower leg muscles, as well as your core. Squats are another compound exercise we like to use because they focus on your quads, hamstrings, and core. Even punches are considered a compound exercise since they work on your arm and shoulder muscles, your core, and your leg muscles as you move around the bag.

Another major benefit of compound exercises is that they require you to perform functional movements. Functional movements are what you use to perform daily activities, like pulling something off a shelf or squatting down to pick something up. Being able to tackle these simple tasks throughout your life is incredibly important, especially as you get older and your muscles begin to deteriorate over time.

For that reason, compound exercises are a great addition to any fitness routine because they help strengthen the muscles and joints you need to perform these functional movements. Stronger muscles and joints help lead to an enhanced quality of life because you’re now more capable of doing what you want on a daily basis.


If you’re ready to give compound exercises a try after learning about all of these incredible benefits, then head to your local 9Round studio for a FREE Introductory Workout! Claim your offer below, and then get ready to kick it with us during your workout. We can’t wait to show you the power of compound exercises with our fun kickboxing circuit routine!

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