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The Beginner’s Guide to Gym Etiquette

For many people, the studio serves as a brief escape from reality where you can literally punch away your stresses from the week while also getting a KILLER workout. This makes knowing proper gym etiquette all the more important as you step into this new environment. Take a look at everything you should or shouldn’t be doing at your local studio down below, so you can work alongside other 9Rounders in harmony during your next #sweatsesh! 


Place All Your Belongings in Designated Areas

Leaving your belongings all strung out around the gym is a great way for things to get lost or broken. It’s also a major safety hazard that could make someone else trip or fall and get hurt. Always place your belongings in the provided lockers or cubbies at your 9Round studio to keep the lobby area clean and free of clutter. This ensures your items are safe and not at risk of being damaged or stolen, plus it will help prevent others from getting hurt while walking around the studio.  


Always Put Equipment Back Where It Belongs

How would you feel if you reached for some weights only to find they were missing? This is something we all want to avoid, and the way to do so is by always putting your equipment back where it belongs after the round. This ensures the items are prepped and ready for the next member to use them, and it keeps the floor clean and tidy, so someone doesn’t trip over a dumbbell or medicine ball. Also, please don’t throw heavy weights down on the floor at the end of a round, as this can cause damage to the equipment and the studio floor!


Be Considerate with Your Conversations

While it’s fun to catch up with your fellow members during your workout, there is a delicate balance between having appropriate conversation and becoming a distraction to yourself or others. Try to time your conversations so they’re not getting in the way of anyone’s workout, and always watch out for social cues or body language from others, as this will tell you when someone’s had enough chit-chatting and is ready to get back to work. Remember, everyone’s main purpose of being there is to work out, not to socialize!

Pro-Tip: Invite someone to grab a smoothie or a quick bite to eat following your workout if you really want to keep the conversation going! This is a great way to make a new friend or a new workout buddy.

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