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Mindful Workout Habits to Adopt Now

We’ve all been there before—in the middle of a KILLER workout but all you can think about is the endless list of to-dos piling up for the week. While this simple habit seems harmless at first, letting your mind drift off during your 30 minutes can actually cause you to miss out on some incredible #workoutgains, like enhanced performance and greater muscle activation. But don’t sweat it because we’re sharing some mindful workout habits you can use to unlock your full potential, so take a look and get back to CRUSHING every workout like a champion. 


Picture Your Purpose

What if you went into every workout with the intention of leveling up? We all start new fitness routines with the goal of improving ourselves, whether that means losing weight, building strength, or simply feeling stronger. Whatever your purpose may be, keep it in mind while you knock out your reps and finding the motivation you need to push yourself will be so much easier.

A simple way to picture your purpose is to envision yourself at the finish line and what it will feel like when you hit that end goal. Really zone in on how awesome it will be to see yourself at that point in your fitness journey, believe that you can get there, and then use that energy to help you focus on doing your best for every round.


Focus on Your Breathing

When you have a lot on your plate, it’s hard to calm your thoughts for one 30-minute workout—but there’s a really simple trick you can use to get back in the zone: focus on your breathing. Every time your mind starts to wander off, just take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. The repetitive nature of your breathing patterns can help you stay present in the current moment, so you don’t lose focus on the task at hand.

Keep counting your breaths throughout each round to give yourself 30 minutes of uninterrupted stress relief while you work toward your fitness goals. Bonus: keeping your breathing patterns on point will also help keep your heart rate in those targeted zones for max results.


Check Your Form

Busting out hundreds of reps without good form can often do more harm than good, so one tip we have to help you be more mindful during your workouts is to always check your form. Be aware of your overall posture—are you slouching? Is your stance correct? Are you leaning to one side? When you perform different moves, think about your form—are you hitting the right angles? Is your back straight? Have you been targeting the right muscles?

We know we probably sound like a broken record right now, but proper form during exercise a so important, which is why you don’t want to lose focus and get sloppy during your KILLER workout. This not only ensures you’re getting the right outcome from each move, but also helps prevent injury. Keep checking your form to make sure your moves look just like your Champion Trainers’ and to be more aware of your body during exercise.


Embrace What You Feel

One of the best feelings you can experience while doing a 9Round workout is hitting the heavyweight bags and feeling your muscles counteract the resistance. This is the physical sensation that helps our members feel stronger with each 30-minute workout, but many people go through the workout without ever paying attention to this wonderful feeling.

With each kick or punch, you can feel your muscles contract and your body’s strength take over. Tapping into this energy can help you really embrace the power you bring to the table while enjoying your workout even more. This also helps you learn how to appreciate your body and the hard work it’s doing to help you reach your goals. 


Mentally Unwind After a Workout

Whenever possible, try not to rush out of the studio and on to your next event without thinking about what just happened. Give yourself a little time, either in the lobby when you’re rolling up your wraps or in the car as you’re cranking up the AC, to pause and appreciate what you just accomplished. You made it through another KILLER workout at 9Round, and therefore, made it another step closer toward your end goal.

Stop and take a moment to mentally unwind from your sweat sesh, and really recognize how awesome you are for putting in the work it takes to reach your goals. Embrace the rising confidence you’ve earned from punching and kicking your way through every round. Really take a second to pat yourself on the back because you absolutely deserve it.

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