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A Simple Breakdown of 9Round Equipment

When you’re punching it out with us in the studio, there’s a bunch of different kickboxing equipment we use to help you get a Killer Workout, and each piece was designed with a specific purpose in mind. Learn more about all our bags and striking targets below and how we use them in six of our nine rounds to help you crush your fitness goals at 9Round!


Boxing & Kickboxing Bags

Double-End Bag – the double-end bag is the small circular bag at Round 3 with one end connected to the floor and the other connected to the hangman’s arm via elastic cords. This bag is specifically designed to help members focus on their hand-eye coordination and precision with various moves, like jabs, crosses, and hook punches.

Heavy Bag – the heavy bag is the large, vertical-hanging bag you see at Rounds 4 and 6. It’s great for practicing your punches and your kicks, and it provides a ton of resistance to help strengthen your muscles throughout your 9Round workout.

Horizontal Bag – the horizontal bag (also known as an uppercut bag) is easily recognized at Round 7, and it’s great for practicing shin kicks, hook punches, and uppercuts during your 9Round workout. This bag is designed for both power and speed, but also adds resistance to moves like bag presses and donkey kicks.  

Speed Bag – this small, teardrop-shaped punching bag is anchored at the top of a rebound platform parallel to the ground at Round 8. The goal is to hit the bag rapidly using a three-count rhythm as it rebounds to help improve your hand-eye coordination and hand speed when punching.

Wrecking Ball Bag – This round, ball-shaped bag is placed at Round 5 inside the studio and it’s perfect for practicing your uppercuts and hooks. The unique shape of this bag makes it the most versatile bag, as you can hit it from any angle and with nearly every punch or kick, and its weight provides great resistance for strength-building. It’s the ultimate kickboxing bag!


Trainer-Led Drill Striking Targets 

Hand Pads – your 9Round trainer uses hand pads to help you practice your punches during the Trainer-Led Drill. The hand pads help you learn how to punch a moving target and improve your striking accuracy and speed, while your trainer sets the pace of the drill to help rev up your heart rate for killer results.

Shield – the shield is a thick, dense pad with handles on the back and on the ends. It’s used for kicking, punching, elbowing, and kneeing during your Trainer-Led Drills. The shield provides a massive target for anyone looking to work on their punches along with killer round kicks, side kicks, or front kicks. With the support of a trainer behind the shield, this prop provides many options to practice your kickboxing movements with power, speed, and optimal resistance.

Thai Pads – Thai Pads are rectangular-shaped pads used at our studios during the Trainer-Led Drill. Thai Pads provide members who want more options the ability to not just punch, like you would with hand pads, but also kick, knee, or elbow-strike your way to some killer combinations.


Now that you’ve learned a little more about the equipment we use at 9Round, you can see how we’ve incorporated fun kickboxing moves to help you get a Killer Workout. Try our fun 30-minute workouts for FREE at your local studio using the link below. We can’t wait to kick it with you soon!

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