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How to Make Your Exercise Habits Stick

As Robert Collier once said, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” This is certainly true for building new exercise habits, as you have to consistently work at them until they become a part of your normal routine. But that’s much easier said than done sometimes.

To help you make your exercise habits stick, we’re sharing a few simple tips below, so check them out now to start planning ahead for how you’re going to accomplish your fitness goals this year!


1. Start Small and Work Your Way Up

It’s tempting to hit the ground running with your new fitness routine by scheduling long workouts seven days a week, but if you’re not used to exercising regularly, this can ultimately lead to burnout. Placing unrealistic expectations on yourself in the beginning makes it harder for you to keep up, which will only make you feel like giving up before you’ve even started.

Instead, you should focus on starting small and gradually introducing more exercise into your routine over time. At our 9Round studios, we recommend starting with three 30-minute workout sessions per week until you can consistently maintain that schedule. Then, you can add additional workouts to your weekly routine and work your way up to five, six, or seven days a week, if that’s your goal.      


2. Habits First, Results Second

Many of your fitness goals are likely focused on the physical results you hope to see, such as losing 20 pounds in four months or being able to lift an extra 50 pounds after six months. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with these types of goals, you can still get too caught up thinking about them over the habits you should be forming. This can cause you to stray from your routine by working out too much or eating too little to try and speed up your results.

Instead of focusing on seeing results right away, you should focus on your new exercise habits and making them a part of your lifestyle. This is the best way for you to work toward your goals and make changes that you can stick to for long periods of time. It’s much more important in the beginning that you learn how to make it to all of your planned workout sessions than it is for you to see progress. If you can successfully stick to your new fitness routine without straying, the results will follow in due time. 


3. Be Flexible When Things Don’t Go as Planned

There’s going to be a time when you’re not able to work out as planned, whether it’s due to a last-minute meeting, illness, or any other event that pops up unexpectedly. When this happens, you have to be flexible with your exercise routine to make up for lost time. Some people shut down and refuse to do anything when things don’t go their way, but this isn’t how your exercise routine should work.

Instead, you should aim to be flexible with your routine when things get disrupted. For example, if you overslept and missed your morning workout, you can still plan something for the evening. If you skipped a day of working out, plan to do something active on a rest day to make up for it. You don’t have to be rigid with your routine and perfect every single day in order to see results. It’s the culmination of your activity and consistency over time that will lead to lasting results.


4. Keep Your Workout Gear in Sight

The hardest part of maintaining a new fitness routine is just getting started, and one of the biggest hurdles that can set you back in the beginning is simply putting on your workout gear. It’s easy to avoid working out when your clothes are still in the closet and nowhere to be seen, but when you put things out in plain sight, it becomes a constant reminder of what needs to be done.

The act of getting up and putting on your athletic clothes can also help you get in the right headspace, so you’re ready to crush your workout. This mental preparation can be the difference between you sticking to your routine or giving up. It’s one of the reasons we make a big deal out of the hand wrapping process at 9Round because we know it helps our members get in the mindset of a fighter.

So, next time you have a morning workout planned, take your clothes out of the closet and put them in plain sight. If you’re going to the gym after work, then make sure your bag is packed and already in the car before you’ve even had your morning coffee. These simple things will help you avoid making excuses for not working out and get you one step closer to accomplishing your fitness goals.


5. Make Exercise Fun for You

No one is happy when they have to do something they didn’t want to do, so why would you expect yourself to work out if you don’t enjoy the activity you’re doing? Sure, running can be a great way to get in your cardio each week, but if it makes you so miserable you want to quit, then it’s probably time to find a better solution.

There are so many options available when it comes to your fitness routine, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to just a few activities. For example, many people love doing yoga daily to help them stay in shape, but for some, yoga is too slow-paced. That’s why there are workout options like 9Round that are fast-paced and exciting to better suit those who want something more intense.   

Finding exercises that are fun for you will help you build a passion for fitness in your life, so you can work toward your goals with confidence. Try a few new things this month and see what appeals to you most. You can also invite your friends along for the ride to make things more fun and to add a social aspect to your exercise routine.


If you’re looking for new exercise habits to stick to this year, then come try 9Round with a FREE Introductory Workout! We can help you kickstart your fitness journey today, so you can start making progress toward your goals tomorrow. Follow the link below to find your local studio, and sign up for your free workout now!

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