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How to Find a Workout Buddy

While working out at 9Round is typically what you do to crush your own goals, it can be fun to include a workout buddy from time to time. Inviting a friend to go the studio with you not only encourages you to actually show up, but also makes working out more fun and gives you a chance to spend quality time with someone you care about.

In fact, a popular 2016 study suggests that hanging out with someone who you perceive as more fit than you can increase your results. But the simple reality is, you need someone who is committed, consistent, and comfortable with pushing you to show up and work hard each week. So, how do you find a workout buddy that works for you? Here are some things to look for in your future punch partner and where you can start looking to find them.


What to Look for in a Workout Partner

Before you start trying to recruit someone as your new workout buddy, you need to know what kind of person you’re looking for—because let’s face it, not everyone on your list is going to be good for you and your goals.

You want to find a partner who’s committed to his or her fitness goals because you need him or her to show up on time and not flake on you or waste your time. You also want to make sure you get along with this person well enough that you enjoy his or her company while you’re punching it, but without getting so chatty that you end up getting distracted when you’re supposed to be working.


Start with Friends and Family

The easiest place to start your search for a new punch partner is within your inner circle! These individuals are already your go-to people when it comes to everything else in life, so why not include them in your workouts too? When thinking about who you could invite from this close-knit circle, don’t forget that anyone can surprise you if you just ask.

Don’t assume someone will say no immediately or not be interested, as you never know where they are on their own fitness journey. That person you were doubting could end up being the best workout partner you’ve ever had! On the other hand, be kind and respectful to those who do say no and don’t take it personally. They’re still your BFF or favorite cousin, just not the person who’s going to help you crush your goals.

Also, make sure you approach a potential partner by telling them what you enjoy doing for your workouts, like punching it out at 9Round. This helps them know exactly what to expect if they do decide to join you for your next sweat sesh. Plus, the best part about working out at 9Round is that any friend can tag along for a free workout on their first visit.


Don’t Forget About Your Coworkers

If there are no friends or family members who are available to be your workout buddy, then maybe one of your coworkers could fill the role. Choosing a workmate to be your new punch partner has the added benefit of you both being on the same weekly schedule, so it’s easier to find times to crush a 30-minute workout together.

Coworkers also make it harder for you to bail on them because they’re most likely with you all day at the office, which means you have to confront them face-to-face to bail on them rather than over text, and no one wants to face that kind of disappointment. Plus, you never know when you might make a new friend for life by working out with one of your colleagues.


Look to Your Four-Legged Friends

While you can’t bring your dog to 9Round—even though we’ll admit it would be kind of fun to have a studio pet—you can take advantage of their hyper energy on your days off to get in some extra movement throughout the week.

Taking your dog on a walk or run around the neighborhood or through a nearby park is a great active rest day activity to help your muscles recover from your KILLER 9Round workouts and to help you get some well-needed fresh air. There’s nothing better than soaking up the sunshine with your furry BFF on a beautiful day.


Rely on Your Trainers

When all else fails, you can still count on your 9Round Champion Trainers to be there for you when you need it most! They’re always ready to give you a spirited fist bump and a KILLER workout experience to help you work toward your fitness goals—and they bring plenty of energy and enthusiasm to hype you up! Don’t forget to ask them for help when you need suggestions on how to get more out of your 30 minutes.

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