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Common Words & Phrases Heard at 9Round

Virtually every organization will have some type of jargon that is associated with it, and 9Round is no exception. We have lots of special words and phrases that help us create an electrifying culture within our 9Round studios. For our 9Round newbies, it can be difficult to interpret what we mean sometimes, so we’ve created this quick guide of common words and phrases heard at 9Round, so everyone can understand how our fitness community likes to communicate.


Common Words & Phrases Heard at 9Round

Burn it Out – During the last 30 seconds of every round, we tell you to burn it out, so you’ll continue to push yourself until the round is over. This is one way that we inspire our members to keep going and to not give up before the round is over (Also see: Punch it Out).

CHOW – CHOW stands for Challenge of the Week. We introduce a new CHOW every Monday, and you can see it in advance on our Official Facebook and Instagram accounts each week. Learn more about our weekly CHOW here.

Fighter Name – Everyone at 9Round gets to pick their own Fighter Name. Fighter Names help members feel like true champions, and they help you find your tile on the PULSE TVs inside the studio, so you can easily track your heart rate while you’re punching it out. Example: Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson

Fighter Stance – The Fighter Stance is the ideal starting position for all the kickboxing moves we use during our Daily Workouts. Our trainers will help you master the perfect Fighter Stance, so you can punch and kick with confidence inside the studio. A right-handed fighter stance is called an Orthodox stance while a left-handed stance is called a Southpaw stance.

Finish Strong – Our mission is making members stronger, physically and mentally, in 30 minutes. But we know it can be tempting to slack off at the end of a round or toward the end of your workout, so our trainers will encourage you to continue giving it your all until the final bell by shouting, “Finish strong!”

Get Fit, Never Hit – This is a popular phrase we use at 9Round to remind people that we only hit bags and not people during our workouts.  

Hands at Home – When we say to keep your hands at home, we are saying to keep your gloves in front of your face for protection. While in the ring, this is essential to prevent someone from hitting you in the face, in our studios it helps you focus on engaging all your muscles and striking the bag with precision during our signature combinations.

In the Red/Yellow/Blue/Green – If a trainer says you’re in the Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green during your workout, they are referring to the specific PULSE zone you’re currently in, which is displayed on the in-club TV screens. PULSE zones are used to represent your heart rate level during your workout. You can learn more about the different colored PULSE zones and what they mean here.

Killer Workout – A Killer Workout is simply a great workout. We want all of our members to have a Killer Workout experience inside the studio or at home, so they can continue to work on their fitness goals with confidence. We love when our members give us three rings on the gong inside the studio, as this signifies they’ve had a Killer Workout.

Last Round, Best Round – We like to offer this phrase of encouragement during your final round to help you know your workout is almost over, so it’s time to finish strong and end on a good note!

Next Round – Our 30-minute workouts are split into nine different rounds of exercises. When we signal you by saying, “Next Round,” it’s time to move through the circuit and start on either the Active Rest exercise or your next set of exercises for the new three-minute round. A trainer will always demonstrate what to do when you start a new round, so if you’re not sure what to do, then wait for their instruction to get started.

One Connecting, One Protecting – This is common phrase we like to use inside the studio that refers to where your hands should be during your workout. The hand that punches is connecting with the bag while your other hand is up in front of your face protecting. Keeping your hands up in front of your face is an essential part of the Fighter Stance.

PULSE/PULSE Points – PULSE is our heart rate monitoring technology. When you become a member, you receive a PULSE Monitor that you wear during your workout to track your heart rate. PULSE Points are what you earn based on the different zones you’re in during your workout, which are based on your heart rate level. The more PULSE Points you earn, the better your workout.

Punch It Out – During the last 30 seconds of every round, we tell you to punch it out on a bag, so you can finish the round strong and give it all you’ve got. This is one way that we inspire our members to keep going and to not give up before the round is over (Also see: Burn it Out).

Ring the Gong – At every 9Round studio, we have a red gong on the wall with a sign that tells you how many times to ring the gong based on your workout experience. We always aim to deliver a Killer Workout experience, which is signified by three rings on the gong. Make sure you ring the gong after every workout to let us know how you did!

Trainer-Led Experience – The Trainer-Led Experience is just what it sounds like! During portions of your workout, you’ll do a particular set of moves (kicks, punches, knees, etc.) prompted by your trainer. This is typically done off the bag with hand pads, Thai pads, or the kick shield, but may also be done on the bag with trainer guidance.

Win the Round – When you push through the end of your current round and give us everything you’ve got up until the bell, we call that winning the round. Consistently winning the round during your 9Round workout will help you get maximum results and allow you to feel more accomplished at the end of your workout.

30 Seconds – Our trainers will yell, “30 seconds,” when you’ve reached the last stretch of your current round and they will signal you to punch it out on the nearest bag, if you’re wearing gloves, until the bell rings, signaling you to head to the next round.

9Rounder – We call our members 9Rounders. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been kickin’ it with us for years, you are part of the 9Round Nation, which makes you a 9Rounder!

9Round Nation – The 9Round Nation is made up of all of our 9Rounders and includes every single member, trainer, manager, and franchisee/owner within the 9Round system. We are all one big fitness family!


Armed with this new knowledge about the common words and phrases you hear at 9Round, you can now tackle our workouts like a pro 9Rounder! Make sure you claim your FREE introductory workout using the link below if you’re ready to join the 9Round Nation!

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