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A Simple Breakdown of PULSE Zones

If you’re already a 9Rounder, then you know that 9Round uses heart rate monitoring technology, called PULSE, to help you keep an eye on the intensity level of your workout. If you’re not a 9Rounder yet, recently became a member, or just want to know more about our PULSE heart rate technology, check out the information below!


Heart Rate Training Helps You Work Smarter

For many people, the heart rate is the ideal metric for determining how much effort it takes to maximize your workout time. With our PULSE system, members are able to see their heart rate displayed in real-time at every club. Different maximum heart rate percentages are translated into five colored zones, so you can easily monitor your intensity level while working out at 9Round. Having the PULSE system allows members to know when they’re working out at the ideal intensity level, so they don’t feel the need to push themselves too hard or to relax for too long. 


Earning PULSE Points with Zones

Before we go over the different PULSE zones, we want to be sure you understand PULSE Points. PULSE Points are used to measure the effectiveness of your workout and they are directly tied to the different zones. Based on which zones you spend time in during your workout, you will be awarded a corresponding number of PULSE Points per minute. Your goal for every workout is to get at least 60 points. Keep reading to learn how you can earn those 60 PULSE Points by keeping your heart rate in the right zones during your workout.  


The Gray Zone

The Gray Zone represents 0 to 61 percent of your maximum heart rate. Because our goal is to deliver an intense workout in 30 minutes, and because the American Heart Association recommends maintaining 70 to 85 percent of your max heart rate for vigorous exercise, the Gray Zone is not the optimal zone for working out at 9Round. That’s why you earn zero PULSE Points for every minute you spend in the Gray Zone.

Fun fact: According to the Mayo Clinic, your maximum heart rate is, “the upper limit of what your cardiovascular system can handle during physical activity.” We use your age to help determine your maximum heart rate, so your zone readings will be as accurate as possible through the PULSE system.


The Blue Zone

When you reach between 62 and 71 percent of your max heart rate, then you have entered the Blue Zone. The Blue Zone represents a moderate exercise level, which can be a good zone to target during your first round, working your way up toward higher heart rate zones as you get further into your workout. For 9Round workouts, the goal is to exercise vigorously for most of the circuit, so the Blue Zone is not considered an optimal PULSE zone, and you don’t want to stay there the entire workout. For this reason, we award a single point for every minute you spend in the Blue Zone.


The Green Zone

Once you reach 72 to 81 percent of your maximum heart rate, you will be in the Green Zone. The Green Zone is one of the optimal places for you to be while working out at 9Round. This zone represents a healthy heart rate level for more intense exercise, which is why we award two points for each minute you’re in the Green Zone. While you’re in this zone, you should start to feel more challenged as you work through each exercise. Those who are very physically fit may find they spend the most time in this zone, as their heart is better trained compared to someone who is just getting started.


The Yellow Zone

Your goal should be to stay in the Yellow Zone as much as possible during every 9Round workout because doing so will help you maximize your PULSE Points and will help you get a Killer Workout! The Yellow Zone is considered the optimal fat-burning zone, and it represents 82 to 91 percent of your maximum heart rate. We deem the Yellow Zone as the ideal intensity level for anyone working out at 9Round, assuming they have an average heart rate for their age. That’s why you’ll earn three points for each minute in the Yellow Zone, which is the highest number of points accrued per minute for any of the PULSE zones.


The Red Zone

Every now and then, you may find yourself drifting into the Red Zone, which represents 92 to 100 percent of your max heart rate. Working out in the Red Zone for short periods of time can be okay but staying in the Red Zone for longer periods of time is not the ideal way to maximize your results. You should aim to get your heart rate back into the Yellow Zone, as this is the optimal zone for burning fat. Your trainers will be monitoring your heart rate during your workout and can recommend ways to help slow things down if you find yourself in this zone for too long. Because the Red Zone is not the best place to be, you earn only one point per minute in this zone.

Tip: Two exercises you can perform to lower your heart rate are holding a wall sit while punching or a bouncing continuously in the fighter stance while breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Both of these moves can help lower your heart rate without it dropping too quickly.


Now that you understand the five zones and how to earn PULSE Points, you’re ready to crush your 9Round workout by staying in the targeted heart rate zones for maximum points!

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