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5 Ways to Maintain Workout Motivation

Every new year seems to start with the same wash of whimsical hope and motivation for a better tomorrow, and then we get halfway into January only to find that things aren’t quite as magical as they seem. It’s a lot harder to work out and eat healthy than you originally thought, and without that motivation that came so easily at the beginning of the month, you’re quickly starting to lose your way. But don’t worry; we have some tips to help you learn how to maintain your workout motivation for longer in order to keep crushing your fitness goals.


Set a New Goal

As you get used to your new fitness routine and learn more about exercise, you might realize the original goals you set are bit lackluster now – and that’s okay! It’s always good to reevaluate your goals and see if they still make sense for where you are now, even if it’s only been a few weeks since you started. Maybe you thought losing weight was the most important thing, but now you really want to focus on building lean muscle instead.

The important thing is, if you realize something on your list no longer excites you, let it go and replace it with something better to work toward. Having goals that truly represent what you want will help you keep your motivation to succeed because you want to see these things become your reality in the future.


Find Your Community

Finding and connecting deeper with your fitness community can help you overcome a lack of motivation and stay on track. This is one of the reasons we love our Champion Trainers at 9Round because they help encourage you to crush every single workout and show up for yourself, even when you don’t feel like giving your best that day. They are a part of what makes the 9Round Nation such an incredible community.

Having a strong fitness family like the 9Round Nation can help keep you accountable, and it can lift you up when you feel like giving up. So, if you’re losing motivation at this point in your fitness journey, then maybe it’s time to plug deeper into your fitness community. You can do this by communicating with other members, joining social media challenges, and talking with your trainers about your future goals. Embrace the encouragement you can find within your community, and with their help, you may just find your motivation again.  

Pro Tip: Invite your friends and family to the gym and bring them into your workout community. This may also bring you a small reward, as most 9Round studios offer a referral program incentive for anyone you help sign up as a member. Talk with your local studio for more details.


Celebrate More Than Physical Progress

One of the best things about starting a new fitness routine is getting to see the progress you make along the way, but sometimes we get caught up thinking only about the physical progress we want, like losing weight or gaining muscle. In reality, there are so many other things that can show us we’re progressing toward our goals. For example, if you choose a lean meat and healthy veggies instead of pizza for lunch one day, that’s a victory. If you take the stairs rather than the elevator for a week, that’s another win.

Recognizing all of the ways you’re starting to make progress, including the new healthy decisions you make on daily basis, will give you so much more to celebrate. Savor those feelings of accomplishment with each little victory and use them to help fuel other important decisions in the future, like going to the gym and completing your workout. This can help you enjoy the journey so much more and allows you to find other things to motivate you when the physical results aren’t as easy to see.  


Focus on How You Feel

It’s easy to be discouraged when the scale isn’t tipping, but it’s no secret that working out provides more than just the ability to lose weight. Exercising regularly can make you feel more confident and capable in your everyday life, so if you’re searching for something to keep you motivated, then stop looking for lost inches or pounds and start embracing how incredible working out makes you feel.

We all know that exercise can provide stress relief and a boost in energy. When you experience these things, tap into those feelings and remind yourself of how it feels each time you don’t feel like working out. Eventually, you’ll want to work out for that feeling again rather than just physical results, with can help you stay motivated for longer, even when there’s no obvious signs of improvement to keep you going.


Don’t Be So Harsh on Yourself

Of course, having a solid fitness routine is critical if you want to reach your goals, but you also shouldn’t be so harsh on yourself that there’s no room for mistakes. Things are going to come up in life that can make it difficult to stick to a rigid routine, and the more you beat yourself up about missing a workout, the less you’ll want to continue to exercise and take care of your body.

Don’t let a small change of plans completely derail you and shake your motivation. Get back up the next day and realize it’s okay to exercise tomorrow rather than today if you’re exhausted from work or that it’s okay if you want to go out for a treat meal tonight rather than Saturday. Be flexible with your routine and give yourself forgiveness when things don’t go as planned. This can prevent you from feeling discouraged and teach you to stay motivated for the long run, so you can go on to accomplish your goals.


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