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4-840 Waverley St
Winnipeg Manitoba R3T5Z7


  • - Aug 18, 2018 by K.R.
  • The personal trainers.. 9ROUND waverley has the best staff!
    - Jul 24, 2018 by Amanda Giesbrecht
  • Quick, hard workout and good encouragement by the trainers.
    - Jul 19, 2018 by K.P.
  • The workouts are challenging and different every day. I love the fact that I can go there for 30 minutes, know exactly what I'm doing, know I'm getting a full body workout and I have a trainer there to help.
    - Jul 18, 2018 by Melissa Thoms
  • The 30 minute work out and the incredible trainers that get to know you and push you to be and get better.
    - Jul 11, 2018 by Samantha Amaral
  • The trainers are great and very encouraging!! The members are of all different age ranges, so there is no judgement.
    - Jul 7, 2018 by B.M.M.
  • There are no set times, my workout starts when I get there. 30 minutes is just right. Staff are friendly and push me. Circuit changes daily. Leave there feeling I’ve had a great workout.
    - Jul 7, 2018 by D.Z.
  • The workouts are always different! You never get bored and when you are stressed about something u can really release your stress here. The trainers are amazing, they keep you motivated! 9round is addictive!!!! I love the feeling when you are done the workout!
    - Jul 6, 2018 by Klaudia Ramirez
  • The different workouts each day and the personal trainers helping you out and encouraging you.
    - Jul 6, 2018 by G.W.
  • The challenge and satisfaction of the work out. The variety of exercises and different stations. The knowledge and spirit of the training staff.
    - Jul 5, 2018 by Bryan Giesbrecht
  • The short but intense workout. As well as the excellent trainers. I look forward to going everytime.
    - Jul 5, 2018 by Russell Baron
  • The trainers and the variety in the workouts. I can’t say enough about them. Fantastic.
    - Jun 17, 2018 by Connie Haskett
  • The set time of 30 minutes.
    - Apr 25, 2018 by T.P.
  • The trainers are always so motivating
    - Apr 10, 2018 by M.M.
  • The staff are great. The works outs are different every day and can be modified as necessary. its a great place to go and let off some steam.
    - Apr 6, 2018 by M.C.
  • You get an amazing workout in just 30 mins
    - Apr 5, 2018 by Klaudia Ramirez
  • The trainers are excellent!
    - Apr 4, 2018 by J.H.
  • The personal one on one training, I have major lower back issues and they always help me so I don’t feel out of place and that I still get a great work out.
    - Apr 4, 2018 by Amiela Chandran
  • The staff is great and the variety and intensity of the work out is also great.
    - Apr 2, 2018 by R.B.

About the team

  • Arbie <span class="nick-name">"Mighty Mouse"</span> Balajadia
    Arbie "Mighty Mouse" Balajadia
    Arbie has been with me since day 1. He's a machine. If you want to know anything about proper technique, proper nutrition, or what supplements you need, talk to Mighty Mouse! You're not going to get off easy when he has the floor. You may hate him for half an hour, but as soon as you sit back when you're done you're going to thank him! Fighter Name: Mighty Mouse Favorite Round: Freestyle Favorite Move: Burpee Why you enjoy being a trainer: The smile on the face of the members knowing they had the best workout with me being the reason.
  • Sherry <span class="nick-name">"Vixen"</span> Perehinec
    Sherry "Vixen" Perehinec
    Vixen is a true 9Round success story. She started out as a member, working out and working hard every day to learn everything we could teach her! Favorite Round: Freestyle Favorite Move: Round Kick Why you enjoy being a trainer: Getting to know the members and hearing about the progress they've made. Also seeing the satisfaction after a great workout on their faces is very rewarding.
  • Amy  <span class="nick-name">"Shining 2"</span> Todoruk
    Amy "Shining 2" Todoruk
    Amy came to us looking to keep physically active after being a high school and university athlete. Another trainer that started out as a member, Amy has a boxing background that shows in her hands and footwork!
  • Axel <span class="nick-name">"Axcid"</span> Zariwney
    Axel "Axcid" Zariwney
    I want to introduce you all to Axel! Trainer by day, DJ by night! Axel has a well rounded back ground. He has trained in many different disciplines and loves to talk anything martial arts and supplements!