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55 Sage Creek Blvd Unit 312
Winnipeg Manitoba R3X 0N3


  • It is hard to just pick one thing about 9Round that is the best....but it is the combination of all elements of this that make it the best experience. I suffer from depression and it has been the combination of great workouts and amazing owners/trainers that has helped me get a handle on my illness. The workouts alone are not it, it’s the care and concern of the trainers, the motivation and encouragement from the other members and overall just the love and support that surrounds you while at the gym. I love our 9Round family in Sage Creek and I am definitely addicted at this point.....but mostly I’m dedicated to going to maintain the stability in my mental health. Their moto holds true Stronger in 30 minutes! Physically and Mentally;)
    - Aug 8, 2019 by M.A.
  • How awesome the trainers are and how intense the workout is in a short period of time! I always leave feeling accomplished and that I’ve had a good challenging workout
    - Jul 20, 2019 by D.C.
  • The instruction from the trainers each time you attend to ensure correct technique, their willingness to adapt the exercise to the individual as necessary & the positive reinforcement. Also no class schedule & 30 minutes in & out.
    - Jul 7, 2019 by G.B.
  • The trainers are fabulous! I love the flexibility of the training and the differing workouts each time. The aerobic, anaerobic and weight training components of the training are great. Best of all, an amazing workout in just 30 minutes. 9Round has changed my life for the better.
    - Jul 7, 2019 by R.F.
  • The trainers!!! Make it a very welcoming and enjoyable experience, push you to give your most & get the most out of your workout
    - Jul 5, 2019 by J.D.
  • One of the things I like is that the workout is fresh and new everyday. But what I love best is that I can drop in whenever my day allows and I don’t need to schedule an appointment. I’m usually in and out in 40 minutes and I’ve had an awesome workout. Needless to say the staff is a friendly bunch who encourage you and teach you the correct method as you go along the 9 rounds! Yes I absolutely recommend 9Rounds!
    - Jul 1, 2019 by M.P.B.

About the team

  • Melissa <span class="nick-name">"Hot Rod"</span> Rodriguez
    Melissa "Hot Rod" Rodriguez
    My name is Melissa " Hot Rod" Rodribuez. After 17 years as an executive in the apparel industry, I made the exciting decision to pursue my interests in the health and fitness industry. I have always been active, but after searching something to complement my participation in Bikram Hot Yoga, I found 9Round and fell in love. It is the perfect mix of strength and cardio training. I am the proud owner and trainer of 9Round Sage Creek, along side my husband David "Ice" Thomas in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I love my job and look forward to seeing and helping my members reach their fitness goals!
  • David <span class="nick-name">"ICE"</span> Thomas
    David "ICE" Thomas
    Owner/Operator at 9Round Sage Creek. Dave has been promoting health and wellness in the surrounding communities for years. Participated and coached for multiple years at both the Windsor Park and Southdale Community clubs. Now, as a Certified 9Round trainer and Kickboxologist, I am bringing my knowledge, confidence and ability to coach/instruct the techniques of kickboxing and its benefits to our amazing 9Round facility in Sage Creek, Winnipeg. 9Round offers a kickboxing themed fitness program which incorporates functional, interval, cardiovascular and circuit training. Come in and try out a Free Workout on us! See you Soon!!
  • Rebecca <span class="nick-name">"REBEL R"</span> Cormier
    Rebecca "REBEL R" Cormier
    My name is Rebecca (REBEL R)! I am the Lead Trainer here at 9Round Sage Creek! I have always had a passion for fitness and personal training. I continuously learn new techniques to help you improve during your workouts. I have competed in many sports, but curling was always my biggest passion. I curled for 16 years, in which time I represented Manitoba twice at a National and International level. I continued to push myself to new levels by working on technique and my physical fitness level. This is where I realized my passion for personal fitness! I recently completed my schooling to become a Licensed Paramedic. This has been a goal of mine for a very long time, so I am thrilled to have completed it. When I am not in the gym, I am working at Starbucks, or at the Winnipeg Football Club. I also enjoy going to the lake, watching hockey or anything to do with crime and mystery. I have two little kittens that I absolutely adore, so I love hanging out at home with my family and fur babies, Sophie and Finley. I look forward to pushing myself to new levels of fitness, alongside all of you striving every day to reach all your fitness goals. I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces in the gym some time soon!!
  • Carl  <span class="nick-name">"APOCALYPSE"</span> Wiebe
    Carl "APOCALYPSE" Wiebe
    My name is Carl (APOCALYPSE)! I am one of the champion trainers here at 9Round Sage Creek! My love for boxing started at a young age but has continued to influence my life up to current day. Being able to use my experience to help our members has been incredibly fulfilling. Sports was never a passion of mine when I was in the early years of middle school, but when I discovered boxing shortly after, it was like discovering a whole new part of myself. My experiences from boxing have been nothing but good, and I was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of the coach for Canada’s national boxing team. I also trained with a boxer who was an Olympic qualifier. I am currently in the process of getting my honor’s degree for Computer Science at the University of Manitoba. Upon completion of my degree, I plan to use it for the development of Artificial Intelligence within the robotics field. I would also like to go into video game design as a side hobby or career, depending on what opportunities I find. Recently, I completed the pursuit of my motorcycle license and have discovered that riding motorcycle is one of my favourite activities that consumes a sizeable portion of my spare time. You might even see me on my Ninja around the city! I always expect solid effort from our members, and I will push every single one to ensure they realize their potential!!
  • Amber <span class="nick-name">"BEAST MODE"</span> Pestaluky
    Amber "BEAST MODE" Pestaluky
    My name is Amber and I am very excited to be part of the 9Round Sage Creek Team! I am looking forward to motivating and training you to meet your fitness goals while I continue to obtain my own. I am a very blessed Mother to my 10 year old son who is my world! He is extremely athletic and I believe all of the 9round workouts I do and will continue to do will help me to keep up with him. I was a member of the Canadian National Gymnastics Team and participated as an elite gymnast for 12 years. Following, I began coaching gymnastics and dance as a hip hop instructor. I also was a member of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Cheerleading/Dance Team and took pride in being a professional ambassador for the CFL Club. I understand the focus, determination & consistency necessary in order to obtain the goals we set for ourselves. I take pride in my health, not only physically but mentally as well. I enjoy hiking with positive friends, working out daily, reading positive books yet I can’t get away from True Crime TV, lake time, cheering super loud for our Jets & Bombers and the most important thing, cheering for my son at all of his sports! I look forward to training you and helping you reach your goals!