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3300 Rutherford Road
Vaughan Ontario L4K 5Z2


  • Great place to burn calories in only 30 minutes! Best part is no schedule and awsome trainers
    - Sep 26, 2019 by Pina Carpanzano
  • The atmosphere, the trainers and all the ppl who walk in with the same goal. To have fun while losing weight! Ever since I’ve started at 9 round, I never feel like it’s just a workout. It’s more than that to me. You feel like you’ve been pushed your best every single time. I’ve tried gyms, classes and at home routines. Nothing compares to what you get from here.
    - Sep 18, 2019 by Claudia Garcia
  • I like everything about 9 Round.
    - Sep 9, 2019 by M.R.
  • Excellent trainers that continually motivate you. No set class times.
    - Sep 6, 2019 by Roisin Bennett
  • Love the fact that you're with a trainer and your getting a total body workout in 30mins! Very cool way to burn calories!
    - Aug 22, 2019 by Quiana Brown
  • It’s always challenging and hard as no two workouts are ever the same!
    - Aug 20, 2019 by A.A.
  • Great workout. Very Convenient
    - Aug 4, 2019 by Ben Graci
  • Great workout!! fantastic trainers, its quick, its hard, you sweat and its and good hurt!! in 30min from when you start and your done!!! I would highly recommend this GREAT workout
    - Aug 4, 2019 by Sandra Senatore
  • Excellent workout! Excellent trainers
    - Jul 29, 2019 by P.M.
  • I like the fact that I can drop in anytime for quick 30minute workout. No class times to book. I also love working with the trainers one on one and they are all motivating to push you hard. I have never worked out when I was younger and I turned 50 this year and I feel great!
    - Jul 24, 2019 by Maria Dibiase
  • Great staff,help motivate you Friendly . The 30 minutes is an easy amount of time to find in your day to workout . Intense workout .
    - Jul 21, 2019 by Dave Gellatly
  • Love everything
    - Jul 18, 2019 by M.A.
  • I like how fast and efficient the workouts are
    - Jul 18, 2019 by K.P.
  • always a different workout, trainers are motivating, quick 30 min workout
    - Jul 18, 2019 by M.S.
  • Vidu and Julius are the best trainers ever, they push you in the right way. Exercises change all the time and it is a full body experience. I love it!
    - Jul 18, 2019 by Roisin Bennett
  • They’re very nice
    - Jul 17, 2019 by Nikki Xu
  • Flexibility of time. Trainers.
    - Jul 17, 2019 by M.V.
  • I enjoy the intensity of each station and how the instructors motivated you to push threw to a higher level of intensity. ( always with s big smile ) These classes work with my work schedule After every workout I feel great feeling stronger with every class I would rate my 9rounds experience a10 ever time I go . ( im at the Vaughan location ) I would recommend 9rounds to all my friends n family . I thanks the trainers for pushing me t the next level Regards Danny
    - Jul 3, 2019 by Danny Calvo
  • The trainers, owners and the environment are the best I’ve ever experienced
    - Jun 21, 2019 by F.Z.
  • I love how I don’t have to make an appointment just go when it’s convenient for me!! Everyday is a new workout and that fact that there’s a trainer there to help guide and push me at each round... I Love It!! I’ve lost 20 lbs with working out and diet changes since February - I feel more motivated than in years! Thankyou 9 Rounds!!
    - Jun 17, 2019 by Amanda Finch
  • My trainer and atmosphere make coming here easy. The workout is super engaging both mentally and physically. I look forward to coming daily, I leave feeling charged and ready to take in anything.
    - Jun 15, 2019 by J.F.
  • Energetic trainers and an great environment!
    - Jun 6, 2019 by E.D.
  • No class times, fun instructors and a great workout!!
    - Jun 5, 2019 by Roisin Bennett
  • The convenience of coming in anytime. The trainers make workouts are fun and challenging.
    - May 30, 2019 by Juliana Ivanov
  • Great workout. Changes everyday. Great staff. It's only 30 mins
    - May 28, 2019 by R.Z.
  • It's hard to decide what I like best, the flexibility of starting my session on my own schedule, works wonders for me. Also, I really like having a trainer, otherwise I would be lost, I workout often with Taylor, and she's amazing! I can't belive all I get to do in 30 min. All other trainers are also really good; very positive and energetic environment. Good job guys!
    - May 27, 2019 by Gabriela Fernandez
  • Vidu is the best
    - May 24, 2019 by M.T.
  • The high intensity 30 min 600 calories
    - May 15, 2019 by M.C.
  • The trainers are great and the workout is put together very well. Love the sweat and pain makes you feel reborn.
    - May 15, 2019 by Nunzio Parente
  • Amazing workout
    - May 4, 2019 by Ben Graci
  • The best 30 mins of your day. Try it! You won't regret it.
    - Apr 30, 2019 by S.F.
  • The energy the trainers bring to the workout is truly motivating. The atmosphere is friendly and not judgmental. The music is always great, especially on Wed's way back house/euro. I'v
    - Apr 18, 2019 by R.K.
  • Great staff and give that extra push when needed. Love the switching of the daily workouts.
    - Apr 18, 2019 by M.S.
  • Good work out and good training
    - Apr 15, 2019 by H.V.
  • Very confident after each class and motivating to keep working hard. Thank you!!!
    - Apr 13, 2019 by A.B.
  • I am so glad that I discovered 9 Rounds Vaughan. I have been a member for almost two years and absolutely love it. The fact that there are no set class times. I can arrive at any time and get a full workout in half hour. The trainers are patient, kind, inspiring and always willing to teach. I have met many milestones thus far and am looking forward to meeting many more. I am so glad that I discovered 9 Rounds !
    - Apr 8, 2019 by Anita Ricci
  • I like the personal attention when attending 9Round. the staff make an effort to understand your capabilities and understand that not every person is the same and as such there are some exercises some do well, some others struggle with and the 9Round trainers make adjustments as necessary! The biggest attraction for me is that your not a number or a $ you are treated as an individual.
    - Apr 5, 2019 by Bob Hall
  • The intensity, different routines every day and no fixed class start times.
    - Mar 29, 2019 by G.K.
  • The workout is quick yet intense . Having trainers takes the guesswork out of what your workout will be.
    - Mar 28, 2019 by Dave Gellatly
  • The trainers I have trained with during my workouts have been incredible! They ensure I have a great workout, and make each workout unique (whether it is modifying a "round" to make it more intense/ take me off to the side to do pad work). Furthermore, s/o to Julius and Lui, you can tell they care about their customers and build rapport with their clientele.
    - Mar 28, 2019 by Olivia Geraci
  • I can do my workout at any time The trainers are amazing Love having different excercises every day
    - Mar 20, 2019 by M.A.
  • I get the type of work out that is fun and exciting. I would not ever push myself this way if I was on my own.
    - Mar 20, 2019 by Charlie Gueli
  • It’s a great atmosphere, the trainers are great! They motivate me to want to workout on a regular basis!! Lui and Melissa our new gym owners bring such a good vibe. I love 9Round
    - Mar 12, 2019 by J.F.
  • The trainer. If it wasn’t for him at Rutherford rd location I would not go. He’s fun and he always corrects me when I’m doing the wrong form. Keeps me pushing
    - Mar 6, 2019 by A.F.
  • Love the workout
    - Mar 6, 2019 by S.B.
  • fleixibility
    - Feb 22, 2019 by A.M.D.A.
  • The trainers the work out, the atmosphere
    - Feb 15, 2019 by S.C.
  • I always feel energized when I leave 9 Rounds, the trainers are amazing and it’s only 30 mins of my day.
    - Feb 6, 2019 by Anthony Bellino
  • The trainers are encouraging and motivating and they push you to keep going and not to give up. They are friendly and supportive.
    - Jan 16, 2019 by R.K.
  • No waiting time...great workout in just 30 minutes
    - Jan 9, 2019 by A.M.

About the team

  • Lui and Melissa <span class="nick-name">"&quot;Left Hook&quot; and &quot;Mighty Mel&quot;"</span> Pisano
    Lui and Melissa ""Left Hook" and "Mighty Mel"" Pisano
    Husband and Wife team, Lui and Melissa, are very passionate about fitness and have been for most of their adult life. After having spent time in various, traditional style gyms, Melissa began to work as Manager of local Muay Thai Boxing gym and introduced Lui to this high intensity workout. Melissa and Lui, along with their children, trained for several years under some of the best Muay Thai Instructors in the province. With career changes for both of them, making it on time to their favorite classes became a challenge and they slowly migrated back to the traditional gym to stay active and continue on their journey of leading a fit lifestyle. In 2017, Melissa and Lui found 9Round. After trying the workout, and falling in love with the concept of No Set Class times, Trainers included and getting a High Intensity workout in just 30 Minutes, they knew this was something they would LOVE doing, not just for themselves but also to help others with their fitness journey. After completing the 9Round Approval process and Certification Training, Melissa and Lui chose Maple, ON, their home community, to open their first 9Round location. 14 Months later, an opportunity presented itself and Lui and Melissa took ownership of the Vaughan Rutherford Road 9Round Location and now own 2 of the very best gyms in the city of Vaughan!
  • Julius <span class="nick-name">"Ceasar"</span> Trimmeliti
    Julius "Ceasar" Trimmeliti
    Julius is a professional mixed martial artist and certified personal trainer. He is passionate about martial arts, fitness, nutrition, motivating others, the process of self actualization and hard work. One of the original trainers at 9Round Vaughan, Julius specializes in pad drills and enjoys helping his clients push past their “limits” and achieve what they thought they were incapable of.
  • Vidu <span class="nick-name">"1 Punch"</span> Krishnapalan
    Vidu "1 Punch" Krishnapalan
    Vidu grew up training in Tae Kwon Do which set the foundation for the disciplined, focused and positive individual he is today. During his teenage years, Vidu, started wrestling, lifting weights. He also continued with his Martial Arts training in boxing, muay thai, and jiu jitsu. While at York University working on his B.sc in psychology, Vidu competed for the York wrestling team and in local muay thai tournaments. After graduating Vidu worked as a personal trainer for 2 years before finding his favorite place to be, 9 Round Vaughan! He is passionate about helping all our Members achieve their fitness goals, 30Mins at a time!
  • Taylor <span class="nick-name">"TayTaffo"</span> Taffo
    Taylor "TayTaffo" Taffo
    Taylor "TayTaffo" Taffo is an all around athlete, recently retired from Collegiate Athletics. Taylor studied and play Collegiate Soccer in the USA. She was recognized as an MVP in league 1 for ANB futbol, Athlete of the year at Delta State University, and two time MVP of the week at Tiffin University. Now studying her masters at York University, she continued to pursue her passion for fitness, first as a Member and now as a Trainer at 9Round. Taylor’s goal is to continue inspiring her clients to reach the best version of themselves through hard work, discipline and a taste of her craziness. She can be found yelling BURPEES, in the evenings at 9Round Vaughan!
  • Rock <span class="nick-name">"The Rock"</span> Li
    Rock "The Rock" Li
    “Rock (yes, that’s actually his name) didn’t grow up playing sports, but now he’s a Kickboxing and Muay Thai fanatic who actually loves going to the gym & training 5-6 days a week! After weightlifting for 6 years, he wanted to expand his athletic abilities and signed up for a trial at a local MMA gym. After his first kickboxing class, he was hooked. Today, Rock, is sharing his passion and knowledge of kickboxing with those around him, combining his love of resistance training and martial arts at 9Round. Rock also occasionally coaches his 7 year old brother, which means he’s developed the patience of a saint.