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12080 Nordel Way Unit 127
Surrey British Columbia V3W 1P6

About the team

  • Andy <span class="nick-name">"BIG DADDY"</span> Stewart
    Andy "BIG DADDY" Stewart
    Andy is one of the two owners of 9Round. He is extremely passionate about fitness and is a natural bodybuilder, power-lifter, wrestler, a former Canada games rower and rugby player. Fun facts: Andy was a former corporate finance and tax lawyer in Vancouver and left law to pursue career as a pro wrestler as well as a professional opera singer!  He is a father of 5 awesome kids and a husband to super wife, Brett.
  • Allan <span class="nick-name">"TIGGER"</span> Eng
    Allan "TIGGER" Eng
    Not only has Allan been a gym member for 35+ years, he loved fitness so much, him and his wife Marie used to have date nights at the gym before becoming one of the two master franchisee of 9Round in Metro & Greater Vancouver, Canada! He is a Marathon finisher and has successfully hiked the West Coast Trail. Fun Fact: Allan put his kids in martial arts for 10 years because of his Idol, Bruce Lee.
  • Rummy <span class="nick-name">"RUMBUM"</span> Evans
    Rummy "RUMBUM" Evans
    Rummy is our Human Resource Manager here at 9Round. She has 15 years of dance from the age of 3 to 18, completed the half marathon in Disneyland California and OWNS her own photography company 'Bad Monkey Photography'. Fun Facts: Rummy can only skip backwards. She has never tried peanut butter or coffee and is a natural blonde!
  • Barbara <span class="nick-name">"BARSTAR"</span> Lopez
    Barbara "BARSTAR" Lopez
    Don’t let that sweet, innocent face fool you… She’s a Beast!!! Barbara is our Leads & Sales Coordinator/Trainer having 10+ Years in the Fitness Industry, CPR Level C/AED Standard First Aid and RMT Diploma. When she is not training in the studio pushing you to the next level you'll most likely find her doing something adventures. Some activities on her bucket list are to travel to 2 places minimum a year, hike Machu Picchu in Peru, travel to Brazil during Carnival & rock climb at least once. Guilty pleasures are Purdy’s Chocolate, Sushi & Viva Puffs.
  • Natalie <span class="nick-name">"NAT-ATTACK"</span> Fyffe
    Natalie "NAT-ATTACK" Fyffe
    Natalie is passionate about helping men and women heal their relationship with food and their body through fitness, nutrition and a positive mindset shift. Natalie's fitness background is in kick boxing, soccer, softball and her favorite, weight lifting. Natalie enjoys fitness because not only does it challenge and strengthen the body, it strengthens the mind. Natalie's words to live by, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right" (Henry Ford).
  • Jordan <span class="nick-name">"HBK"</span> Mohammed
    Jordan "HBK" Mohammed
    Jordan is one of our morning trainers who has 6+ Years of Martial Arts. Jordan has trained 2 years of Muay Thai, competed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kenpo Karate and has a Black belt in Hawaiian Kenpo & Karate. When he's not working with us giving you burpees, you'll find him either in school or scoring Top 100 Fortnite Player. Fun fact, Jordan is a Turtle Enthusiast!!
  • Roy <span class="nick-name">"THE DEACON"</span> Ibanez
    Roy "THE DEACON" Ibanez
    Roy started at 9Round as one of our original 6 week Challengers. He loved the whole experience so much, from the quick workout to the amazing staff that helped along the way, that he became part of the 9Round family himself to help others achieve their goals. Roy not only has his BCPTI Certificate he also has a background in Tae Kwon Do and ARMY reserve. Fun Facts: Roy is a licensed Dentist in his home country, a Deacon in his Congregation and a chocolate addict.
  • Tigist <span class="nick-name">"TIGER"</span> Asrate
    Tigist "TIGER" Asrate
    Tigist started her 9Round journey as a 6 week challenger. Being a member first has made her more understanding of the challenges new members have and knows how to push them to what they are capable of. Tigist is known by members as the “tough one who smiles”. Her background is in endurance training, basketball and dance. Fun Facts: When Tigist is not at the studio or at school you can find her singing and playing the guitar. This talented women also speaks 3+ languages.
  • Chellsa <span class="nick-name">"C.LOVINO"</span> Lovino
    Chellsa "C.LOVINO" Lovino
    Chellsa first became a member at 9round in August 2018. Starting out as a member, she appreciated how much the trainers really encouraged her to push herself in order to achieve her fitness goals, so much so that she wanted to do the same and became a trainer. Chellsa's fitness background is in boxing, weight lifting and basketball. Fun facts: She knows how to play multiple instruments (guitar, bass and drums) and used to lead worship at her church.