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3681 Innes Rd
Orleans Ontario K1C 1T1

About the team

  • Mélanie  <span class="nick-name">"Mel B "</span> Boucher
    Mélanie "Mel B " Boucher
    My name Mélanie Boucher, born and raised in Orleans, fully bilingual mother of 2 beautiful children, Simon and Jade. Here are few of my life experiences that helped me become a well-rounded and open-minded individual. I believe experience comes in many forms and it doesn’t only come from full-time, paid positions. I have travelled to over 20 countries, studied Spanish in Costa Rica, worked as a tour and fishing guide in Banff, worked as a flight attendant, appeared on a Special K cereal box, opened my own on-line used designer clothing store, play sports and exercise daily. With years of real-world experience in communications, marketing, public relations, event planning, social media practices along with my love for people and fitness, I believe that my diverse background and experience are a perfect fit to operate and manage a 9Round. It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. I am passionate about health and fitness and can’t wait to help people achieve their fitness goals. Now lets kick some buts and have fun!
  • Michaela  <span class="nick-name">"Magic Mic"</span> Blanshard
    Michaela "Magic Mic" Blanshard
    Hey guys! My name is Michaela Blanshard, but feel free to call me Magic Mic! I have a strong background in gymnastics and strength training. I also loved playing soccer, volleyball and softball in the past. I currently coach gymnastics and love it! I like long walks on the beach and burpees. That’s a joke, I don’t like walks on the beach. Hope you’re ready to drop it and give me some burpees. I’m here to help you reach your fitness goals while having a grand time and helping you learn some new skills. Meet me on the floor and let’s bust out some burpees together! Sincerely yours, Magic Mic
  • André <span class="nick-name">"DRE"</span> Miron-Celis
    André "DRE" Miron-Celis
    Hello everyone, my name is André Miron-Celis, I write and speak in Spanish, French and English! I’m very passionate about fitness and nutrition! I decided to join the 9round team because for me, there’s nothing more enjoyable then helping others achieve their fitness goals! I'm a young guy, in the early 20's, very enthusiastic and outgoing! I have an experience of my own in weight lifting and tracking nutrition! If you have any concerns about these two subjects, feel free to ask me for advice or recommendations! I study at Algonquin in Fitness and lifestyle management; because with the measure of time, I realize that design was something that I was good with but not something I was passionate about. I've always been around sports through out my life! As young kid, I was in karate and got to the brown belt level, as I grew older, I played soccer in the Ontario Provincial League and now I’ve been working out for a good 6 years and love it like nothing else! I love counting calories and macros, lift weights and seeing my body change with the process. Come by our gym, tell me what are your goals and I would be more than happy to help you through your fitness journey! Cheers to everyone, hope to see you around!
  • Mathieu <span class="nick-name">"No Mercy"</span> Lafleche
    Mathieu "No Mercy" Lafleche
    Hey, I am Matt. Like many people, I was overweight in my late twenties. I didn’t like how it felt and I decided that fitness and nutrition had to play an important part in my life if I wanted to change that, so physical health became a hobby of mine. During my fitness journey, I have been fortunate enough to not only improve my own health, but I have also helped others achieve their own goals. I found this to be a very rewarding experience and is one of the main reasons I want to be a trainer. A short while ago a friend introduced me to 9Round. I immediately loved the concept because not only is it suitable for every fitness level, but it can easily fit into any busy schedule. 9round offers a short and intense workout, it’s sustainable meaning it can easily become a part of your routine for a healthy lifestyle. Come by 9round, you’ll understand when the bell rings.
  • Trystan <span class="nick-name">"Mr. T"</span> Renaud
    Trystan "Mr. T" Renaud
    Hi everyone, my name is Trystan or Mr. T, I have been training at 9Round for a while and have been loving it. Even as a fit person I was able to see changes with the concept of 9Round and working out 3-4 times a week. I’m 17, very energetic and have a great passion for sports especially in martial arts which is why I am looking forward to support and encourage you throughout your whole workout. I’m all about having fun and working hard and can’t wait to see you in the gym!
  • Hendel <span class="nick-name">"Hercules"</span> Michel
    Hendel "Hercules" Michel
    Hi guys, my name is Hendel AKA ''HERCULES''! All my life I've been involved in fitness, my father was a semi-pro boxer and used to teach me and my little brother the basics of boxing and we loved it. During my teenage years I played multiple sports but mostly, I was heavily involved in soccer and played at the provincial level for 2 years and unfortunately had multiple ankle injuries and couldn't perform to my full potential anymore. I believe in fitness so even though my soccer career ended I replaced my time by working on myself mentally and physically in the gym. I grew this new passion which is working out and seeing results day by day! When you put in the work it's amazing! I've been consistently training for 4 years now and I absorbed a lot of knowledge to get the best KICK out of your workout in fact I'm more than glad the share it all with YOU. I love too train/motivate others and help them attain their dream body together! Can’t wait to train with you. See you soon!