• * Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.

  • * Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian.


121 First Street
Orangeville Ontario L9W 3J8


  • Trainers! Right balance of push & fun!
    - Jan 19, 2019 by F.W.
  • In and out in 30 mins Don’t need to sign up for classes. Can come and go as I please
    - Jan 13, 2019 by L.W.
  • The strength, stamina, and endurance that I have developed is incredible. It just keeps getting better.
    - Jan 11, 2019 by Lee Manson
  • 30 minutes workout, as well it’s different exercises every day.
    - Jan 8, 2019 by A.P.
  • Bright and happy people great you with a "Welcome to 9 round" upon entering! Energises you to start your workout in the right frame of mind
    - Jan 7, 2019 by B.M.
  • Great trainers. Challenging workout that is constantly changing
    - Jan 4, 2019 by Anne marie Sigston
  • The workout , convenience and effectiveness of the excercise.
    - Jan 4, 2019 by Ryan Wozny
  • Friendly staff, changing workouts
    - Jan 3, 2019 by B.M.
  • It’s quick, varied, and I’m encouraged to do my best and push harder by the trainers.
    - Nov 14, 2018 by S.W.
  • Routine, trainers and no schedule required
    - Nov 1, 2018 by A.W.
  • 9Round workouts use full-body movements and complex combinations that perfect for my off-season training.
    - Oct 31, 2018 by W.Q.
  • A quick full body workout with supportive trainers that changes every day! WIN WIN WIN
    - Oct 27, 2018 by C.H.
  • It’s a quick intense workout with trainers to guide and help motivate you. The trainer led drills are always hard work and fun
    - Oct 27, 2018 by Melissa Souther
  • I like that I can get a full workout in 30 minutes. The trainers and other people who workout there always friendly. It’s affordable!!!
    - Oct 25, 2018 by L.D.C.
  • The trainers are always welcoming & encouraging!
    - Oct 21, 2018 by C.W.
  • What I like best about 9Round is the high energy, short duration (30 minutes) workout, and the dedicated trainers that make it enjoyable.
    - Oct 20, 2018 by E.C.
  • The trainers & their friendly, motivational attitude! Their willingness to laugh is also important to me!
    - Oct 18, 2018 by F.W.
  • No scheduled class times and a full body workout.
    - Oct 18, 2018 by C.C.
  • The work out and the trainers
    - Oct 18, 2018 by Christine Rae
  • - Oct 18, 2018 by N.C.
  • - Oct 18, 2018 by K.W.
  • I like that it’s 30 minutes in and out and I’m able to bring my babies. I also love that there is a trainer always available to help.
    - Oct 17, 2018 by S.B.
  • It's quick and a great workout. Saw results quickly
    - Oct 15, 2018 by E.H.
  • I love the fact that I sweat more in a half hour than I ever have in a workout!!!
    - Oct 12, 2018 by J.S.
  • That I want to keep doing it everyday. Each time is a new challenge. The trainers are very supportive and professional.
    - Oct 12, 2018 by L.M.
  • It’s like having a personal trainer!
    - Oct 11, 2018 by S.S.
  • The variable start times mean i don't ever wait for a station and the intense 30 minute workout fits my buys schedule.
    - Oct 8, 2018 by Todd Whittington
  • Different workout everyday. The staff is great!!
    - Oct 7, 2018 by A.P.
  • the 30 min work out and no set times
    - Oct 6, 2018 by Jane Vogel
  • Quick start to a workout, welcoming and motivating trainers. New workout every day.
    - Oct 6, 2018 by S.C.
  • workouts and the 30 mins and you are out
    - Oct 4, 2018 by R.W.
  • I like that it is an intense 30 min. work out that I can fit into my busy schedule. I feel great afterwards.
    - Oct 2, 2018 by S.R.
  • Fast workout that's different every time and challenging...show up and workout out, no waiting
    - Sep 17, 2018 by Ed Gaffney
  • One on one trainers pushing your limits
    - Sep 16, 2018 by Darlene Jansen
  • Awesome workout & results!
    - Aug 30, 2018 by C.C.
  • The atmosphere is so fun & motivating! Absolutely love all the trainers who make the workouts fun but also extremely challenging!
    - Aug 18, 2018 by A.M.
  • The trainers and the hard work out. The amount of motivation that is given while doing your workout. Amazing atmosphere!!! Totally need to do it
    - Aug 16, 2018 by C.O.
  • It’s fast! The trainers (especially Tony) are amazing! I always feel welcome. Most importantly, I feel great! It’s a full workout!
    - Aug 15, 2018 by T.G.
  • The workouts, staff, other members. Everyone is so positive and motivating.
    - Aug 15, 2018 by M.M.
  • The way some of the trainers push me to do my best. They also give me other options since I’m in rehab for a hip injury. I feel the burn which is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you :)
    - Aug 15, 2018 by D.K.
  • I love this place! It’s a great atmosphere :) The trainers are fantastic, the workouts are great, the community is amazing, and it’s just an all around caring place! They help in any way possible and they really encourage and want their members to do well and achieve their goals! I have nothing but positives to say about this gym and I am always referring it to other people! I speak very highly of this place and I am happy to have started my journey here and can’t wait to make it to the different milestones! I love the positivity from other members and the friendships that are built as well! I am challenged and feel welcomed! :) Thank you!
    - Jul 19, 2018 by Emily Bryk
  • Trainers! They push me at just the right level and hold me accountable. They are involved and inspiring! And have a great sense of humour! All important to me!
    - Jul 18, 2018 by F.W.
  • Love the trainers and the change in the workout and the feeling of accomplishment as my abilities develop.
    - Jul 18, 2018 by N.C.
  • You have a trailer on the floor and the workout is written out for you
    - Jul 7, 2018 by A.P.
  • I love the 30 minute workout since I am stretched for time. I have worked out for many years and I can honestly say 9round has given me my best results.
    - Jul 6, 2018 by Jane Vogel
  • personal interactions with the trainers and the different work out every day
    - Jul 5, 2018 by S.C.
  • No start times. tailored to fit ones need. Trainer to correct you.
    - Jul 5, 2018 by Y.L.
  • Its an excellent full body workout in only 30 mins. I love that the trainers are there to help challenge you to get the most out of your workout!
    - Jul 5, 2018 by C.H.
  • The full body work out is amazing.
    - Jul 4, 2018 by T.W.
  • I love the 30 mins in and out, the support from the staff, and the sweat! I just wish it opened at 7am vs 8am, as I have a job!
    - Jul 3, 2018 by Ryan Wozny

About the team

  • 9Round trainer
    Karon "TKO"
    Karon "TKO"
  • 9Round trainer
    Mike "Motor City"
    "Motor City" Mike
  • 9Round trainer
    Rebecca ""Roundhouse"" 9Round Manager
    Health & Fitness is key foundation in our lives. I believe working out can be made into a fun thing vs a grueling horrible thing we have to do. Any movement is movement, whether it’s running, kick boxing, yoga the list goes on! Whatever the journey I am happy to help and support you along the way! I’ve been in the health & fitness industry for 10+ years and I am constantly learning and exploring new things to bring excitement to your workout!
  • 9Round trainer
    Janet-Lynn "Jawbreaker" 9Round Owner
    Janet-Lynn "Jawbreaker"
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    Mel S
    9Round Trainer
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    9Round Trainer
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    Amanda M
    9Round Trainer