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8525 McCowan Road Unit 5
Markham Ontario L3P 5E5


  • I like that is a very quick and extremely effective workout.
    - Mar 27, 2019 by Jeremy Brewster
  • Times are not fixed, can work out at the time most convenient. The trainers are excellent , almost like a personal trainer at each session
    - Mar 4, 2019 by T.L.
  • Exercises change. You can start at any station. Guidance from trainers. The exercises are not boring. Done in 30 minutes
    - Mar 2, 2019 by B.L.
  • Great for parents. 30 mins and it is an intense workout. I like you work with trainers
    - Mar 1, 2019 by V.M.
  • Personalized treatment and connection with staff. Quick and efficient workout.
    - Feb 20, 2019 by N.G.
  • The staff is amazing, and the program is awesome. Half an hour of Hell, in a good way.
    - Feb 15, 2019 by Vicky Elliott
  • It’s fast - you’re in and you’re out Convenient because no set class times Great coaches/ motivating Get a great sweat/workout Different each time!
    - Feb 8, 2019 by Rose Ricupero fanous
  • i don't have to think about what to do next. all muscle groups are hit. friendly staff
    - Feb 6, 2019 by C.S.
  • It’s fast, fun and led by trainers that are always pushing you to improve.
    - Jan 21, 2019 by P.R.
  • I like this place!I enjoy every workout !I feel so good after sweating! And all the trainer at 9Round are very nice,very motivating !
    - Jan 17, 2019 by Simin Zhou
  • Love the atmosphere! The trainers are very friendly and nice! Always having a good time there!
    - Jan 14, 2019 by C.C.
  • Very good workout
    - Jan 13, 2019 by S.P.
  • No class times. Start when you want and amazing trainers!
    - Jan 9, 2019 by J.M.
  • The best part is that it is only a 30 minute workout that helps me shed weight and increase cardio. The trainers are also very helpful in teaching techniques and motivating to push you further.
    - Jan 1, 2019 by W.Y.
  • The staff members are super friendly and very helpful!
    - Dec 10, 2018 by K.P.N.
  • Love that I can start when I get there - no class times! And great to have a personal trainer making sure you are doing things correctly.
    - Dec 8, 2018 by M.U.
  • The quick workout and you can get on with your day.
    - Nov 16, 2018 by Jeremy Brewster
  • There is no judgement and the trainers take an active interest in working with you at your pace, but challenging you as well. A full mind and body workout in just 30 minutes!
    - Oct 31, 2018 by Neelam Grover
  • Fast, flexible workout schedule, friendly staff, good feedback for improving form, able to adapt exercises to accommodate limitations
    - Oct 21, 2018 by P.R.
  • Awesome trainers and effective workout especially during a busy week.
    - Oct 18, 2018 by E.M.
  • No class times. Friendly staff is key.
    - Oct 15, 2018 by J.M.
  • The drop in sessions without any class structure makes it very flexible for me to go work out. I like how the coaches are incredibly attentive yet still gives you your space to figure things out. I love working out with the heart monitor and within 30 minutes I’m done working out for the day. I used to only work out once a week at spin class because it felt too exhausting on my body. Unlike spin classes, I’m not as drained after 30 minutes, so I can easily work out 2 days back to back or more.
    - Oct 15, 2018 by S.M.
  • That there is no set time. Go when you can. Works really well with any schedule. Amazing workout in only 30mins!
    - Jul 20, 2018 by Jeannelle Mckenzie
  • It's an intense workout for 30 minutes with great trainers who know you by name and are as vested in your fitness as you are. No judgement. Everyone welcome!
    - Jul 14, 2018 by N.G.
  • Awesome workouts! Can be as challenging as I want. Trainers are very motivational and always close by to instruct. Live the fact I can workout whenever I want with no class times. I never get bored of this place!
    - Jul 14, 2018 by A.H.
  • Great workout for 30 minutes, and great trainers.
    - Jul 13, 2018 by K.F.
  • The trainers really motivate you. They never fail to give you "high five" and give you words of encouragement esp when i look like i'm about to give up. They always greet you and say bye and 9 Rounds is like a small family where everyone is equal and i don't have to feel ashamed about being out of shape or work like i'm trying to impress someone. I'm sooooo happy I joined. This is literally the best investment i've made this year.
    - Jul 12, 2018 by S.C.
  • Intense workouts, no class times, I can drop in at any time.
    - Jul 6, 2018 by M.W.
  • It is short, supported, med-high intensity workouts. In the time that I have been going to the gym, I feel stronger, healthier, and motivated.
    - Jul 3, 2018 by Allan Kameka
  • 1/2 hour, flexible times, music, excellent workout.
    - Jun 27, 2018 by Anita Singh-shetty
  • Just wanted to say thanks! I have made it through and am absolutely completely obsessed with little time spent -> maximum results. Really enjoying myself with a great group of people and fantastic trainers.
    - Jun 8, 2018 by Charles Liu
  • Great that it's on my schedule -- no waiting for a trainer or class. I sweat every time -- always a hard workout!
    - Jun 7, 2018 by M.U.
  • Joe and all the other trainers are great and welcoming. The workouts are satisfying and I feel great after each session.
    - May 25, 2018 by W.G.C.
  • The help from every instructor
    - May 18, 2018 by M.S.
  • Staff and the high paced workout.
    - May 17, 2018 by Tim Sakai
  • Quick full body workout. Great trainers!! They are young and energetic and really push you!!
    - May 11, 2018 by J.L.
  • Convenient (no set class times), quick, and amazing trainers.
    - Apr 28, 2018 by K.C.
  • The convienience of no times. You can get a quick workout in or stay and do an hour. The trainers are great.
    - Apr 18, 2018 by S.M.
  • Its a whole different experience.
    - Apr 13, 2018 by Sara Urooj
  • The vibe and the energy of the trainer's. The 30 minute idea and not having to wait. And mostly it works. Lost 30 lbs and keeping it off.
    - Apr 7, 2018 by Steve Torok
  • The atmosphere is great super inviting
    - Apr 6, 2018 by P.J.
  • The staff - amazing, friendly, knowledgable people who really try their best to provide a safe and comfortable place for you to workout. They know when and how to push your limits to keep you going. The concept - so flexible for those with a more unpredictable and hectic schedule. Half an hour goes a long way as you are sweating from Rlund 1 all the way to around 9! The Cost - great deals for the level of service that's being provided.
    - Apr 5, 2018 by P.S.
  • Friendly, fast, flexible, good workout!
    - Apr 4, 2018 by Georgia Low-keen
  • No set classes, different routine every time and trainers on hand all the time!
    - Apr 4, 2018 by A.H.
  • Our pad Workouts are excellent and engaging.
    - Apr 4, 2018 by J.Z.
  • Having a trainer guide you through the workout plus at my location the trainers all know your name
    - Apr 4, 2018 by L.J.F.
  • The staff are great - friendly and they push you to try harder. There are no set "class" times so suits my schedule well. The place is clean. The location is not far from home. I feel good after my workout.
    - Apr 4, 2018 by L.C.
  • Great training staff and the freedom to start your workout at any time.
    - Apr 4, 2018 by D.W.
  • Great group of trainers and an amazing one on one experience!
    - Apr 4, 2018 by I.U.
  • The quick, high intensity, and always different work-outs. The staff is always friendly and helpful. It is an intimate and rewarding experience.
    - Apr 2, 2018 by Allan Kameka

About the team

  • Joe <span class="nick-name">"Grunt"</span> Cheung
    Joe "Grunt" Cheung
    Passionate about fitness and Muai Thai/Kick boxing! Head Trainer and Canfitpro certified. Used to be an IT Manager and now proud owner of 9Round Markham. Love working out and love coming to work to see members kicking it up everyday!
  • Brett <span class="nick-name">"The Wizard"</span> Austin
    Brett "The Wizard" Austin
    Lover of athletics and people who do them. My goal is to couple an intense conditioning workout while simotanuously teaching the proper forms and techniques of Boxing, Kickboxing Muay Thai and Tai-Kwon-Do. I grew up playing rep hockey (A) and baseball (AA) for Ajax. Facinated with extreme & contact sports, I started training Muay Thai and boxing for 1 and 2 years respectively at the age of 17. Since then I received certification under fitness kickboxing Canada and taught private lessons across Durham. In 2016 I received my can fit pro personal training certificate and became a personal trainer. I'm passionate about helping others so don't be afraid to ask any fitness related questions. From a simple body weight squat to a kettlebell clean, press and overhead squat. I can help!
  • Daniel  <span class="nick-name">"Split Ice"</span> Lee
    Daniel "Split Ice" Lee
    I have a degree in Kinesiology and Health Science. Black belt in Taekwondo where I competed in High Performance level in several tournaments. Additionally, I was the Fitness executive for York University's Dragon Boat team. For my hobbies, I was competitive soccer player through all my adolescents years. I do have extensive knowledge in Human Biomechanics, Nutrition and Physiology. However, on my own time I enjoy being active and trying new things!
  • Teni <span class="nick-name">"Supergirl"</span> Kassardjian
    Teni "Supergirl" Kassardjian
    I have a background in gymnastics and participate in multiple sports on school teams ranging from rock climbing to track and field. I attend a sports oriented high school, love participating in various athletics, as well as learning more about physical fitness. Through kickboxing I believe you are greatly able to become stronger, physically and mentally, with a full body workout while learning to enhance technique. 9Round has a respectful, comfortable environment where you can feel good about your workout and what you have accomplished. I especially like the intimate atmosphere where I can engage with members on a personal level. I aspire to create a positive, motivating, and effective experience for the members’ experience here at 9Round.

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