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225 Rutland Road S #2
Kelowna British Columbia V1X 2Z3

About the team

  • Sergii  Kotovych
    Sergii Kotovych
    I believe that doing sports is a good physical and mental challenge for everyone. I started doing boxing when I was 13, with a simple goal to get stronger, but I became much more than just physically stronger. Coaching is fun because teaching is one of the best ways to continue learning. The most enjoyable moment for me in coaching at 9Round is helping clients to make the extra step beyond their mental limits.
  • Jasmine  Cooper
    Jasmine Cooper
    I have been involved in sports my entire life. I did 10 years of karate, played 5 years of varsity soccer, work with hockey and love instructing at 9Round! I love everything sport oriented and I just completed her bachelor of health and science. I am always willing to push you harder in your workout if you need and I thrive on strength and conditioning.
  • Lou  Langrish
    Lou Langrish
    A fun, enthusiastic and fairly loud English lass who’s been living it up in Australia and New Zealand for the last 12 years. Now enjoying Canada and its beautiful scenery, I am small yet strong, pack a good punch, love fitness, snowboarding, surfing, tattoos and living life to the full. I thrive on helping and motivating people, and always strive to ensure everyone is having a great time all round. If you need some motivation or a bit of banter, come on in to see me!
  • Damien  Stasiewich
    Damien Stasiewich
    I have been involved with 9Round for quite a number of years and I love coaching members how to punch and kick with proper form. I love helping people with through the 9Round workout and seeing them a couple of times a week - getting to know each member personally and seeing them getting stronger and achieving their goals.
  • Kiel  Kelly
    Kiel Kelly
    I have played just about every sport under the sun and my passion for fitness continually grows. I'm excited to help you find your limits...and then push past them. Treadmills are boring, so come punch it out and get sweaty! I'm excited to share some laughs with you while burning a boatload of calories.
  • Emma  Morel
    Emma Morel
    As long as I can remember I was a very active person. I grew up in competitive gymnastics and I believe this set my future for a life surrounded by health and fitness. My goal is to create the most healthy lifestyle for myself and from this to help others achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible.
  • Maddy  Laranjo
    Maddy Laranjo
    I have always been involved in sport and exercise. I currently play soccer for UBCO Heat while studying Human Kinetics. I inspire to share my passion for sports, exercise and health with others.
  • Kyle  Forde
    Kyle Forde
    I have played football all throughout my life at various levels. Fitness has been a huge part of my life and is the reason I have been able to make it so far in football and it has shaped me into the person I am today. Helping people achieve their fitness goals has been a love of mine ever since I first started working out and seeing the changes in my body and my life. I'm excited to be a part of the 9Round family and your fitness journey!