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233 Earl Stewart Drive Unit 13
Aurora Ontario L4G 7Y3


  • Great workout every time and it’s only 30 minutes.
    - Apr 14, 2019 by L.A.
  • Convenience of working out anytime/no class times. The conditioning/physical fitness level you can attain in 30 minutes. The trainers are amazing...high fitness knowledge and experience. It’s fun but challenging!
    - Apr 11, 2019 by Mary Rughoo
  • New Great management changed the culture for the better Would 100% recommend
    - Apr 8, 2019 by Rob Dellarocca
  • Love the fact that there is no schedule! A new session starts every 3 minutes!
    - Mar 29, 2019 by Ginell Alcantara
  • The fact that the workout is planned for you and different everyday also the fact that you can walk-in and join the room at anytime. The high impact, high energy 30 min workout that changes your body in weeks. I never felt better at any other gym doing all sorts of different exercises, I am 44 years old and have had my share of joining different gyms and workout routines and 9round is by far my favourite. Love the staff at the Aurora location. If you like high impact, high energy, professional, encouraging staff and clean environment, this is the place for you.
    - Mar 17, 2019 by Sandra Bleasdell
  • The no class time structure means I can always get a great work out on my schedule
    - Mar 10, 2019 by P.P.
  • No class time Fast pace 30 minutes full body workout Trainers are helpful and friendly
    - Mar 4, 2019 by C.K.
  • An amazing 30 minute workout anytime with energetic, fun and motivating trainers.
    - Feb 6, 2019 by T.K.
  • 9Round is a lot of fun; short but high intensity workouts with knowledgeable trainers who also provide great motivation! I'm always looking forward to my workouts. When you constantly "feel like working out", that's when you know you're in the right place.
    - Jan 11, 2019 by Zeynep Kahramanoglu
  • Love this place! Everything from the vibe, to the amazing trainers to the ability to drop in whenever I am free. Best 30 min workout you can get. Two years and still llook forward to it everyday!
    - Jan 9, 2019 by N.G.
  • I like that the workout is as hard as you want to make it - the more effort the better the results. And the trainers are great - always a fun and friendly environment.
    - Jan 9, 2019 by Jennifer Groulx
  • Everything!! The amazing friendly motivating trainers - the best anywhere!! The workout differs daily to keep me challenged and tone all areas (so that I don’t get bored) The quick, no class time approach (so that I actually go) The cleanliness of the space and equipment The good vibes!! Love love love 9R Aurora!! Thank you for helping me be in the best shape of my life!!
    - Jan 6, 2019 by R.S.
  • Everything!! The trainers, the workout, the people I’ve met there, the music, the flexibility of the workout times, and the way I feel and look from working out at 9Round! It is the best 31.5 minutes of my day.
    - Jan 4, 2019 by Sandra lynn Mascarenhas
  • The trainers are so encouraging and always make you feel welcome and at home. I like the face that the workouts are already planned out for you! Great place :):)
    - Dec 8, 2018 by A.N.
  • The work is amazing. It never get's boring and always challenging. It will be 2 years this November that I have been doing it. I record this work out to everyone.
    - Oct 16, 2018 by T.M.
  • Love working out at 9 round, it is a great workout in 3o minutes. No class times makes it so convenient The trainers are amazing! They are fun energetic and encouraging all the time The best place to workout
    - Oct 15, 2018 by K.H.
  • The ease of getting a workout in, the energy at my 9Round gym, and the fact that I feel great after my workout even if I didn't want to workout beforehand.
    - Oct 14, 2018 by Dave Rae
  • I enjoy the 30 minutes in and out and no class times as well as the smaller environment. I feel as though I've made friends as well and look forward to going to the gym now.
    - Oct 13, 2018 by Kristina Davidson
  • 9 Round is helping me achieve my weight loss goals, with a full body workout in only 30 minutes, at least 4 times a week. Staff are awesome, helpful and push me on tough days to work harder. Very clean place to work out. After a couple of times I felt right at home.
    - Oct 11, 2018 by Lina Marianetti
  • I like the friendly environment that is also challenging. The trainers are motivational and inspiring. Thanks!
    - Oct 5, 2018 by S.C.
  • I love all the trainers! They are all so positive and encouraging. Amazing environment! Really enjoying the 30 min workout, a total body workout!!
    - Oct 5, 2018 by S.G.
  • It's a great, full body workout. The trainers are fantastic - it makes having a personal trainer-type workout affordable. They push me way harder than I'd push myself, and the workouts are much more varied than I'd be able to create on my own. I've recommended it to so many people!
    - Sep 12, 2018 by Danielle Woods
  • It's just fun! I feel as though I get more out of 30 min than an hour in a regular gym. I run and play tennis and my body is definitely stronger after going to 9 rounds for the past few months. The staff is excellent and I love the environment.
    - Sep 9, 2018 by W.F.
  • The workout is quick but super intense and high energy with an enthusiastic staff who positively encourage and motivate their clients. I love the convenience of not being on a class schedule. You show up when it’s convenient without having to worry about being late. The workout is highly addictive and I’m always looking forward to the next one as the variety is endless. I strongly recommend this type of workout as it can be done by people of all body types and of all ages. Love, love, love !!!
    - Aug 23, 2018 by M.R.
  • The fact that I can fit an awesome 30 min cardio workout around my schedule. The staff at the Aurora 9round are friendly and are always encouraging me to work to my potential. Claire, the manager always greets me with a smile and ensures that I receive an excellent work out!
    - Jul 29, 2018 by M.D.
  • Top Notch workout in only 30 minutes.....What???? Yep, that's right!!! In and out in 30 minutes with no start times. Come in and start at your first station with no wait times. All muscles groups are worked while incorporating cardio, strength & muscle building, along with endurance and stamina. Trainers work hard to get your heart rate up while supporting all fitness levels. They also coach you on proper technique to ensure no injuries occur. Definitely rate it a 10!
    - Jul 25, 2018 by Vanessa Kiamos
  • The trainers get involved and motivate you while you go through the circuit. The environment is positive and you get a lot done in a short amount of time!
    - Jul 20, 2018 by Maya Pallotta
  • I like working with the trainers & it is a good atmosphere.
    - Jul 19, 2018 by J.H.
  • What I love best about 9rounds aurora is that it is a 30 minute workout. The trainers are all awesome. They are so friendly and personable. They know everyones name and are very encouraging and motivating to all members.
    - Jul 10, 2018 by L.C.
  • I like the feeling I have when my 9ROUND is finished, I like the results I've gained from being a member for almost 1 year and I like the energy of other members that is all supported by great trainers and Tanya, the franchise owner for the Aurora gym.
    - Jul 6, 2018 by D.R.
  • It's the only gym that's ever worked for me. It's unique, fun, and personalized to your fitness level. The trainers are amazing and really make the experience as great as it is. Being consistent isn't hard because it's only 30 mins of your day!
    - Jul 4, 2018 by Simone Gavros
  • I love the trainers at the location I am a part of. They are so helpful and attentive, enthusiastic and motivating. I love the variety of workouts and how they change daily. I really appreciate that when I have an injury, or, a sore muscle or whatnot, the trainers are able to provide me with an alternative workout. I like that I can come in when it is most convenient for me throughout the week, without any scheduled classes.
    - Jul 4, 2018 by Christina Dehtyar
  • The support from the staff is extremely important and it seems to give me that extra push when I want to give up.
    - Apr 23, 2018 by P.K.
  • The friendly, cheerful staff. The never boring always changing workout.
    - Apr 18, 2018 by B.H.

About the team

  • Sierra <span class="nick-name">"She Ra"</span> Elliott
    Sierra "She Ra" Elliott
    Sierra started as a member of 9round the fall of 2016, with the intention of maintaining weight loss and building a new skill. Since then, she has developed a passion for kickboxing and fitness and the overall effects of a healthier lifestyle. "I love how empowering the 9round experience can be and being able to help others achieve their fitness goals couldn't be more fun or gratifying!"
  • Marina  <span class="nick-name">"Machina"</span> Imperio
    Marina "Machina" Imperio
    Marina holds a Bachelor of Education Degree in Education and is certified as a Personal Trainer. Marina has attended the 9round Master Trainer Bootcamp and has acquired certification in Kickboxology. Marina has always had a passion for fitness and to teach and has owned her own Personal Training and Fitness Business for more than 3 years where she trained athletes in off ice conditioning and strength training to help them excel within their sports. Now that she owns 9Round, Marina wishes to share her passion with her members.
  • Diego <span class="nick-name">"Samurai"</span> Avendano Flores
    Diego "Samurai" Avendano Flores
    Diego holds a Black belt Kuk sool won and is National Champion in Korean martial arts. He also holds a Black belt Taekwondo and has won the award for Olympic pre-selection. He has trained in Venezuela and is now in Canada to train for his next fight. Diego is also First Dan Kickboxing, and won the award for National Champion Kickboxing, Pan-American Champion Kickboxing Year 2014, His credentials don't stop there. He holds a Blue belt BBJ Brazilian Jiu jitsu. His passion it to teach and train. Teaching new techniques, practicing strikes on pads or heavy bags, sparring, meditation, stretching, conditioning and discussing the history or philosophy of the art. And Train amateur kickboxing fighters helping them to compete. Diego is excited to bring all of his experience to 9Round providing a new dynamic to the floor when working with our members.