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Introducing: 9Round’s Semi-Absentee Ownership Franchise Model

Introducing: 9Round’s Semi-Absentee Ownership Franchise Model

As a fitness franchise, our brand has two main audiences that we must keep in mind at all times: Our fitness customer base, and our franchise customer base. We are constantly working to improve the ways our brand can meet each of these customer bases’ needs. One way we’ve recently done this is by adjusting our franchise model to attract a wider range of franchise ownership prospects. After 10 years of operations, 9Round is now offering a semi-absentee ownership model.


From 9Round Franchising Then...


Up until now, our brand conducted franchising primarily through owner-operators. Anyone who wanted to own a 9Round franchise needed to commit to full-time operation of a single club, working in every role of club management. As success was proven in one club, the owner could gradually expand their ownership responsibilities by opening more clubs, becoming less involved in the day-to-day operations of the clubs with each new opening.

This system proved successful for us over time, resulting in steady growth under franchisees who were truly committed to the 9Round brand and its mission. However, following this model alone excluded prospective franchisees with extensive franchising experience who were interested in joining the 9Round brand as multi-unit franchisees from the start or as part-time owners who intended to maintain their prior careers in addition to opening their own 9Round studios as additional investments.

So as our brand has evolved over the years, so have the systems we have in place, so that we now offer franchising opportunities for all types of prospective franchisees.


… To 9Round Franchising Now


Once the business is up and running, a semi-absentee franchise owner is expected to commit 10-15 hours per week to working hands-on in the studio(s) he/she owns. Outside of that partial time commitment, the franchise can still operate successfully on a daily basis under a “manage-the-manager” model, allowing the semi-absentee owner to keep their original job while they build a 9Round empire on the side. As the owner expands his 9Round business, he/she can choose to then adjust his role to become a full-time 9Round owner, or not. Fortunately, 9Round has systems in place that now allows for either approach to franchising: either full-time and hands-on, or semi-absent.


Why Now?


So why, after 10 years of proven success with the owner-operator model alone, is 9Round choosing to make this change? We decided long ago that our growth needed to not only be fast, but it needed to be sustainable. And the only way to make sustainable growth occur is by having the right systems in place. The elements of our franchise support structure that help all of our owners operate successfully include:


- All-inclusive onboarding support, including real estate and site selection support

- Four days of immersive initial training at our World Headquarters

- Constant communication from our Home Office, including weekly and monthly coaching calls from our experienced in-house support team

- Regional trainings

- Online training modules followed by testing

- Franchise owner/manager portal to manage leads, manage the website, gather marketing info, and order supplies

- User-friendly CRM and POS system

- Annual Convention


Today, we are confident that the scalable systems we have in place for our franchisees are just what they need to help them successfully run their businesses, even from a semi-absent role. We are already seeing the positive impact of these systems in action, with several very successful semi-absentee owners on our 9Round roster today.


With systems and support resources as robust as these, 9Round has reached a place where we are aggressively seeking more business-minded entrepreneurs that are ready to invest with the 9Round brand.


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