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Wearable Tech in Fitness

Wearable Tech in Fitness

The wearable fitness tech market is expected to reach $12.4 billion in the United States by the year 2022. Thanks to all the new gadgetry, we can track our pulse, GPS coordinates, step count, distance, vertical gain, calories burned, metabolic rate, and more! Once the sweat dries – or better yet, in real time - this data can be synched to previous workouts, those of our friends, others online, or even the pros. Improvements in the ability to capture data in real time and feed it back to you are contributing to a more engaged fitness experience.

For most of us, a pedometer to track our steps, or apps to map our runs or track our calorie intake are as sophisticated as we’ll ever get when it comes to fitness and technology. But once a person understands the relationship between effort and outcome, their workouts become more meaningful. And that’s exactly what wearable fitness technology allows us to do. Using the data provided by wearables, software can suggest areas of improvement, give you detailed information on your body’s response to your workout, and more. That knowledge can be used practically in the pursuit of fitness goals, or to create challenges and competitions.

9Round offers wearable heart rate monitoring technology as part of membership at participating clubs. The 9Round PULSE® heart rate tracker provides members data that allows them to execute workouts in a manner that will maximize fat burn and make the most of their 30-minute workout. In real time, the PULSE® in-club display shows your effort level, heart rate, calories burned, and PULSE Points earned during your workout.

Participants can also see their performance relative to others on the real-time in-club display. Members earn PULSE® points relative to their effort level, and PULSE® challenges are often issued to foster a little friendly competition. A full summary of the data from each workout is emailed to members immediately following their session and can also be accessed online via the 9Round Member Portal.

The relationship between fitness and technology is ever-changing and rapidly evolving. Whether you’re tracking steps, counting calories, or monitoring your heart rate, seeing the results of your effort makes you feel more accountable and motivates you to work harder. Your fitness tracker can’t perform your workout for you (not yet, anyway.) But as far as workout buddies go, fitness technology can help motivate and hold you accountable. All without judging you for wearing the same shirt two days in a row.