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New Season, More Reasons to Spring into Fitness

Mar. 10, 2018

It’s been more than three months since you made those New Year’s Resolutions – how’s it going? If your answer falls somewhere between slightly off track and a complete train wreck, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the overwhelming majority. By this time of year, 9 out of 10 people have fallen behind on their goals or given up on their resolutions completely. That’s a 90% failure rate, and you’re better than that! That is precisely why now is the time to revitalize your drive, refocus your commitment, and SPRING into action to achieve your goals!

Spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings, and it's a great time to recommit to your fitness routine. If you need a little extra push, we’ve put together a few reasons why you should make Spring fitness season. We've also included some tips to get you back on the road to realizing your full potential and being the best, healthiest version of yourself. 

Reasons to exercise this season

  • Achieve and maintain goal weight 
  • Build muscle tissue 
  • Increase metabolism, strength and endurance 
  • Increase energy, flexibility and mobility 
  • Improve mood, self-esteem and memory 
  • Decrease stress, depression and anxiety 
  • Promote sleep, energy level and healing 
  • Lower blood pressure and blood sugar 
  • Improve cholesterol and heart and lung function 
  • Strengthen bones and reduce bone loss 
  • Reduce joint stiffness and improve posture 
  • Increase life expectancy (need we say more?!)


Reasons (excuses) to not exercise

  • I don’t have the energy to go work out!
    • Remember that increased energy is one of the benefits of exercise. Just 30 minutes at 9Round will help you stay focused and energized throughout your day. 
  • I have no time to go to the gym!
    • You don’t have to commit to an hour at the gym each day. In just 30 minutes at 9Round, as few as three times a week, you can blast fat and start reaching your goals. 
  • I have no idea what I’m doing and everyone will be staring at me!
    • 9Round Trainers are there for you every punch, kick, and step of the way to teach, encourage, and inspire you. And while you’re busy perfecting your round kick, everyone else will be busting their butt at their own station. In a fast-paced, 30-minute workout, there’s no time to stand around and stare!
  • I can’t afford to join a fitness club!
    • Exercise need not be expensive. 9Round makes fitness fun AND affordable. You have a trainer to work with you at every session, but you don’t pay extra! You have access to online nutrition and exercise tips and tools, but you don’t pay extra. You can work out three times per week or go above and beyond and attend six sessions, but (you guessed it…) you don’t pay extra!
  • I have 648 other things to do this week!
    • Make exercise a priority! We will always find something more important to do, and if you wait until you “have the time,” it will never happen. 9Round only asks for 30 minutes of your time, three times a week. Put it on your calendar and hold it in the same regard as you would a doctor’s appointment. 
  • I am so NOT in the mood to work out!
    • Please refer to the aforementioned list of “Reasons to Exercise.” Improve mood, reduce stress, promote sleep… need we say more? If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed or had a bad day, a little sweat therapy is just what the doctor ordered.
  • I’m too old and out of shape to exercise!
    • Exercise builds strong bones and improves heart and lung function at any age. At 9Round there is no such thing as being too old or too out of shape to work out. Trainers will tailor workouts to your fitness level and modify moves to ensure they are safe for you to perform whether you’re 19 or 99!


The hardest part is getting started

  • Make a commitment and just do it
    • Tomorrow always sounds like a good time to start working on your goals, but there will always be another tomorrow. Start your journey TODAY!
  • Choose a time of day– such as before work, lunch time, after work, or after dinner
    • With no set class times, 9Round makes it easy to work out when it’s convenient for you. Just show up and a new work out starts every 3 minutes!
  • Start slow, pace yourself and progress as tolerated 
    • 9Round Certified Trainers work with you each and every session (at no extra cost) to tailor workouts to your fitness level and ensure that you’re executing safely and properly, modifying moves or increasing difficulty as required to suit your needs. Additionally, 9Round’s exclusive PULSE heart rate tracking technology will let you know when you need to push harder or ease up a bit to help you stay in your optimum fat burning zone.
  • Stay consistent
    • The motivation and encouragement you’ll receive at 9Round will help with accountability and since you only need to attend three 30-minute sessions each week to start seeing results, it’s easy to show up consistently!
  • Monitor your progress and recognize your achievements
    • Not only do you get great advice and tips in the 9Round online member portal, but there are tools to help you measure your progress. Upload progress photos, receive encouragement and celebrate with other members in the forum, calculate your BMR, and more!