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Dear Diary, Today I Ate...

Written by Jen Jones, Nov. 29, 2017

What if we told you that doing one simple thing every day could help you potentially double your weight loss? And what if we told you that it’s free? It’s December, this is not an April Fool’s prank. Research shows that by simply writing down what you eat each day, you can significantly increase the amount of weight you lose.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that you can eat whatever you want, skip out on exercise, and lose weight by just writing down what you eat. The idea is that you have goals in mind. You want to eat better, lose a few pounds, set a good example for your children, perhaps. Starting a food journal gives you tangible evidence of where your shortcomings lie, and where you’re doing great, nutritionally speaking.

Though it can take some time, tracking meals is worth the reward. Recording what goes into your mouth gives you more awareness over your food choices, making it easier to adjust your diet in order to reach the goals you’ve set. And getting started is as easy as grabbing a pen and paper. Or, you can download an app, like MyFitnessPal (also free!) and track every calorie, macronutrient, even sync it with your smart watch or fitness tracker and keep tabs on your overall wellness.

If you don’t already have a plan for properly fueling your body, 9Round can help! Members receive access to an online portal that includes things like a meal planner, recipe ideas, and a nutrition guide that is full of helpful tips to help you make healthier food choices.

As you start tracking every bite you take - and yes, we do mean EVERY bite (we know about that brownie you snuck from the breakroom, and we’re not judging you) your journaling won’t be effective if you’re not totally honest with yourself – it helps to be prepared and knowledge is power. 9Round’s Nutrition Guide will help you understand exactly how you should fuel your body for maximum performance, including how much, how often you should eat.

With a solid exercise plan and proper nutrition, your goals are well within reach. Journaling is just another tool in your arsenal to help you stay accountable and keep you on track to becoming a healthier, leaner, and stronger version of you. If you haven’t tried 9Round, find the location nearest you and stop in or schedule online to get your first workout for free.