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Boost Your Productivity in 30 Minutes

Mar. 23, 2018

According to Virgin Group Founder, Richard Branson, he gains an extra four hours of productivity each day, thanks to exercise. Anna Wintour, American Vogue Editor-in-Chief, plays a 6:00 a.m. game of tennis every day (before her daily hair appointment). A self-described fitness nut, Apple CEO, Tim Cook rises early every day to hit the gym. Former President Obama prioritized exercise while in office, sweating it out for at least 45 minutes, six times a week. Read that last sentence again. If the President of the United States can find 45 minutes to focus on fitness, six days a week, who are we to say we “can’t find the time?”

If you’re not one to blindly follow habits of other people (even if they are wildly successful billionaires, moguls, and, well, Presidents) here are 5 truths about how exercise can affect productivity so that you can make up your own mind…

Exercise keeps you alert and focused  
Here’s a quick science lesson: Exercise increases blood flow to the brain.  And that sharpens your awareness. A study from the University of Bristol showed that after exercising, work performance was consistently higher as shown by better time management and improved mental sharpness.

Exercise will kick up your energy level
There are days when the last thing you want to do either early in the morning or at the end of a long workday is exercise. Who has the energy? It sounds counterintuitive, but choosing to exercise in either of those instances can give you that energy boost you need. Another quick science lesson: Exercise enhances your body’s ability to transfer glucose and oxygen throughout your brain and body, thus increasing your energy level.

Exercise improves brain function
Whether you’re a professional football player, an engineer, or a stand-up comic, your brain is your single greatest asset. It is the primary tool you use to perform at your job and you want it to be sharp. And people who are physically active score better on cognitive tests than people living a sedentary lifestyle. When your brain is performing at full capacity, you can focus, concentrate, and make better decisions, all essential if you are going to be more effective and efficient.

Exercise can spark a breakthrough idea
Stuck? Stalled? Wrestling with the same problem for over an hour? Go take a walk. A study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology demonstrated that walking indoors and outdoors triggered a burst in creative thinking with the average creative output rising 60 percent when a person was walking. Maybe it’s just the change in scenery that gets those creative juices flowing, either way, getting up and moving is beneficial to both your mind and body.

Exercise can help you find your optimal work-life balance
Think that after-work workout session is just another item to cross of the already-busy-day’s to-do list? Think again. Structured activity, like exercise, can help you become better at time management and more confident in your ability to pull off the demands of both work and home. Don’t let exercise be the first thing you eliminate when you are feeling the crunch because it might be what you need to maintain your balance and sanity.


Many of the most successful people on the planet understand the correlation between exercise and productivity. And while we wouldn’t want to adopt every habit of the highly successful (have you seen the way Warren Buffet and President Trump eat?!) Exercising to increase productivity is definitely one behavior that we’re totally on board with emulating! A high-intensity workout, like 9Round, can take your productivity to new levels in just 30 minutes. You don't need to spend hours in the gym, or try to learn to love running to become healthier and more productive. Instead, try an exciting workout that changes every day, has no set class times, and includes a trainer to help guide you and keep you focused. Grab a buddy and get to the nearest 9Round today. Your first 30-minute, productivity boosting sweat sesh is FREE!