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4 Tips To Help You Fall Into Fitness

Nov. 13, 2018

It’s New Year’s Day, and you’re full of hope (and possibly a little hung over from all of the champagne you drank last night) as you sit down to write out your resolutions for the new year. After what feels like a solid month of over-indulging and escaping the cold weather curled up on the couch for a Game of Thrones marathon, “Get in Shape” lands at number one on your list.

Now, picture this: rewind a couple of months, it’s November. Leaves are changing, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you’ve decided to make fitness a priority BEFORE winter comes. This is a great time to start a fitness program because you're going to create good habits for the holiday season and the upcoming winter months. 

It takes about four weeks for the body to adapt to lifestyle changes. That’s why people who give up on their fitness programs tend to do so within the first 30 days. After a month, behavior patterns will have adapted and it is much easier to stick with after that.By starting now, instead of alternating between binge-eating at holiday gatherings and binge-watching on Netflix (and having nothing but a few extra pounds to show for it,) you are weeks into a dedicated fitness routine by the time the holidays roll around. 


Below are four tips that we find helpful when starting (or re-committing to) a fitness regimen:

1. Find your motivation

People are motivated by different things. It's important to first discover what your individual goals are, whether it's losing weight, strengthening and toning, or simply maintaining your current physique into the new year.

However, goals aren't enough to get you there. You have to be motivated in your day-to-day workouts. Choosing something you enjoy doing and will be likely to stick with, will help immensely in keeping you motivated.

Creating a challenge for yourself is another great way to spark motivation. The accountability it creates and the encouragement you feel as you work to conquer your challenge will keep you going. 

Lastly, enlisting the help of a workout buddy or working out with a trainer provides accountability, encouragement, and motivation. Since a trainer is included with every 9Round workout, you’ll be ahead of the curve when you work out with us!


2. When life and exercise intersect

Things like, parking further from your building, taking the stairs instead of elevators, and walking on your lunch break are some of the more obvious suggestions. But there are ways that you can get creative and sneak exercise into your everyday life.

Standing, or walking meetings. We all know that sitting for long periods is detrimental to your health, do your whole team a favor, and make your next meeting a “standing room only” or walking meeting.  

Taking the kids to soccer practice? Instead of watching idly from the sidelines, walk laps around the field or take it a step further and warm up with your little ones. They’ll love it, and you can show them that you’ve still got game.

There are plenty of exercise moves that can be done nearly anywhere. A squat, for example is an exercise that your whole body benefits from when executed properly, and can be done anywhere. And, check out all of these 9Round movesthat you can take with you on the road, or bust out during a conference call, football game, or even while you’re watching GOT.

3. The three Cs

Commitment, convenience, and consistency are three major keys to success when it comes to a fitness program.

Exercise takes commitment. It can be all too easy to skip a workout because you’re busy, or tired, or life just gets in the way. By planning for exercise, just like you do everything else, you’re showing your committed to it. Put it on the calendar, and hold yourself to it, just as you would a business meeting, or attending your child’s school event.

Convenience means choosing a gym that's near your work or home, or an activity that doesn’t require more time than you are able to commit. With over 750 locations worldwide, no class-times, and a quick 30-minute workout, 9Round makes fitness convenient.

Finally, there's consistency. In as little as 30 minutes, three times a week, you can see results from your fitness program when you are consistent.

4. A holistic approach 

Our mission at 9Round is making members stronger in 30 minutes, physically and mentally. Mental health and overall health and wellness go hand-in-hand. Being well, reaching your goals, getting fit – all are best achieved when you tend to your mind, body, and spirit. In addition to physical exercise, engage in other activities that promote wellness. Read a book, solve a puzzle, take an art class, learn to meditate, treat yourself to a massage, have a long chat with an old friend. If you feel good mentally, as well as physically, you will find greater long-term success in following a healthy diet and exercise program.



Remember, anything worth having takes work.